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Understanding your website visitors’ needs, engaging with them, and collating their feedback can help you gauge the quality of your user experience. However, collecting this data alone is not sufficient. A successful analysis of your key customer touchpoints is necessary to truly enhance your market growth and maximize your ROI. This is where Zoho Analytics comes in handy, with 75+ prebuilt reports and dashboards with data from Zoho SalesIQ, our live chat support platform.

In this first part of a three-part series, let’s see how you can do a deep analysis of visitor data with Advanced Analytics for SalesIQ. We’ll take a look at how Zoho Analytics can help you visually analyze KPIs like website traffic sources, visitor geographic distribution, and visitor monthly trends.

Visitors Tracking

The Visitors Tracking dashboard offered by Zoho Analytics helps you gain insights about the customers visiting your website. Here’s a quick rundown of the most important metrics:

1. Visitors Monthly Trend

This report lets you see the current month’s visitors and visits compared to last month’s. The new vs. returning visitors trend gives you insight into the ratio between new and returning visitors, and how it’s changing month on month. You also get to see the forecasted trend, which can help you plan your marketing activities in advance.

2. Visitors by Country and Source

By knowing your site visitors by their geographic location, and the sources that brought in those visitors, you get a clearer picture of what locations and sources work best for you. You can strategize and target the specific regions and sources best suited for your products and services.

3. Top 10 Visitors

By tracking the top 10 visitors visiting your website on a periodic interval (like on a weekly or monthly basis), you can design strategies to keep such returning-often visitors engaged. In this way, you can ensure that they fall into the high priority leads bucket, allowing you to prioritize strategies to engage them for business conversations.

4. Visitors by Campaign

Understanding your visitors will help you optimize your marketing campaigns. You can modify your focus points and concentrate on the campaigns that generate high-targeted traffic. Say, if your product is gaining more attention through LinkedIn campaigns, you can plan and regularize your campaigns there. These visitors-by-campaign insights help you comprehend which campaign sources are most efficient for your product.

Having had a sneak peek into the Zoho Analytics-Zoho SalesIQ integration, it’s time you try it out yourself. Apart from the prebuilt reports and dashboards mentioned above, you can create your own ones, as well. Check out our help links for more information and get started!

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