Delivering delightful customer service with support analytics

A HubSpot research indicates that 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service. In other words, acknowledging the crucial role of customer service is essential—and in today's dynamic markets, a skilled support team is a key differentiator for businesses.

This blog delves into insight-led customer service strategies to help businesses gain a better understanding of their support activities and optimize them using data and analytics, as well as exploring important support KPIs and advanced analytical capabilities.

Customer service strategies

Support operations can be bucketed into various segments. Instead of pursuing a broad strategy for overall enhancement, a targeted approach to optimizing each of these segments can lead to more precise and substantial improvements.

Here are four insight-led customer service strategies that focus on these segments:

  • Improving operational efficiency

  • Boosting customer satisfaction

  • Enhancing agent performance

  • Delivering cross-functional insights

Improving operational efficiency

Improving the operational efficiency of customer service activities ensures prompt and timely issue resolution. Using data from daily support operations, teams can identify bottlenecks in their processes and scope for improvement. This can be done by monitoring KPIs like the monthly ticket volume, transfer rate, and escalation rate, which provide valuable insights on daily operations.

In the demo video below, we explore the monthly ticket volume trend. This report visualizes patterns in customer inquiries, helping teams to better plan and allocate resources. With advanced support analytics, the trend can also be forecasted with sophisticated AI algorithms and enable teams to set targets for the future proactively.

To learn more about improving operational efficiency, watch our complete webinar on delivering delightful customer service with support analytics.

Boosting customer satisfaction

Customers form the crux of all efforts in a customer-centric growth approach, so it's crucial that support teams observe how their customers respond to various business initiatives. This will allow them to better tailor their offerings to suit customer needs, fostering loyalty and a positive reputation for the brand. KPIs like the customer net promoter score (NPS), lifetime value, and first contact issue resolution aid in understanding customer behavior.

In the following demo, we explore customer NPS, a key indicator of customer satisfaction with a business. To keep close track of the KPI, we deploy data alerts, an advanced capability that closely monitors important metrics and alerts users in case of anomalies. This helps customer service teams respond faster to issues and provide quick fixes, ensuring a better customer experience.

Enhancing agent performance

Customer service agents serve at the forefront of customer interactions, embodying business values and ethos. For this reason, it's crucial for businesses to implement comprehensive training programs for holistic agent performance. This includes refining key areas like their knowledge base, communication skills, and average ticket resolution time. These areas also provide valuable metrics for assessing agent performance effectively.

In the product screenshot below, we explore a report that compares the performance of all customer service agents across a range of parameters—giving users a comprehensive overview on team performance. For deeper insights, we facilitate automated insights powered by Zia Insights in Zoho Analytics, which provides instant in-depth insights on data visualizations.

Delivering cross-functional insights

Cross-functional insights provide a comprehensive understanding of customer needs that extend beyond individual departments. By collaborating and sharing insights across different departments, customer service teams can create a more cohesive customer experience by projecting shared business values and goals. But, frequently, cross-functional analytics can be hindered by data and insight silos.

The report below compares top feature requests in customer service apps, including their status and the responsible agent, which is data typically found in project apps. This highlights the powerful data blending capabilities in modern BI platforms. It brings data together from multiple data sources, breaking down data silos and offering cross-functional insights.


Utilizing customer service strategies and helpdesk analytics, businesses can tap into rich customer interactions, unveil hidden ticket trends, decrease churn, and gain a comprehensive 360° view of customer service. These elements are crucial for shaping a customer-centric future and delivering delightful customer service!

Watch our complete webinar to learn more about customer service strategies and advanced support analytics.

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