Delivering embedded analytics for ISVs with Zoho Analytics

When it comes to independent software vendors (ISVs) providing analytics to their customers, the question of “build vs. buy” isn’t as relevant as it was before. A recent study shows that 75% of ISVs prefer to embed an analytics platform rather than building their own.

In today’s context, maximizing the value of available data by extracting actionable insights has become the norm. ISVs face the same expectation from their enterprise customers, too. Delivering the right, best-in-class, embedded analytics experience has become paramount.

ISVs have their own set of unique requirements when it comes to embedding:

  • A higher degree of customization to blend seamlessly with the existing user interface (UI).
  • The extensibility to develop custom capabilities to augment pre-built ones.
  • Multi-tenancy and multiple deployment options to match the existing platform setup.
  • Flexible user-provisioning and affordable pricing that’ll complement the ISV’s pricing model.

We’ll discuss further how Zoho Analytics can be a good fit for ISVs.

Delivering embedded analytics for ISVs with Zoho Analytics

Robust APIs for customization and extensibility

The robust set of application programming interfaces (APIs) offered by Zoho Analytics for data integration, modeling, authorization, custom styling, and dynamic reports embedding enables elaborate customization and extensible low-code/no-code integration with any technology stack.

Self-service capabilities to drive engagement  

Insightful, interactive data visualizations can be built with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. AI-augmented capabilities, like natural language query (NLQ)-based Ask Zia and natural language generation (NLG)-driven Zia Insights, can be used by non tech-savvy individuals to gain useful insights in no time. Machine learning (ML)-powered smart forecasting and scenario analysis help with deeper analytics for the present and the future.

Flexible deployment that matches existing ISV setup 

Zoho Analytics offers a high degree of flexibility with respect to deployment of our analytics platform. It could be deployed anywhere, according to the ISV’s convenience: private cloud, public cloud, or on-premise. We also have our own Zoho cloud service that intrinsically supports multi-tenancy and is readily scalable to match the requirements of any size.

Enterprise-grade governance for data security and privacy  

Zoho Analytics has embraced “privacy by design,” which enables ISV providers to have greater control over the data they own. We ensure seamless data management and operational continuity through our time-tested, enterprise-grade security features and governance framework.

We’re certified by ISO for ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018. We’re also complaint with GDPR, SOC 2 Type II, and HIPAA.

A pricing model that offers a low total cost of ownership  

Zoho Analytics’ licensing and pricing policies have been highly simplistic and transparent. Our pricing plans are primed for ISVs’ multi-tiered pricing and the total cost of business intelligence (BI) and analytics (including licensing, implementations, customizations, training, and support) is the least expensive among our market peers.

An ISV’s success story with Zoho Analytics 

Peri CRM is a niche CRM solution targeted at the Indian retail market. Peri’s customers were in need of deep analytical capability. Because analytics were not their core expertise, Peri CRM found itself in a quandary. After evaluating multiple options available to them, they decided to embed an analytics solution powered by Zoho Analytics.

Peri had been using Tableau previously and found the tool to be too complex to deploy, as well as too expensive. They chose Zoho Analytics for its usability and value for the cost. The customization capabilities of Zoho Analytics made integration seamless within Peri CRM.

After using Zoho Analytics, the rate of analytics usage among Peri CRM customers has only grown. One in six users of Peri CRM use Peri Analytics. Their customer engagement also increased by 50%. Ultimately, embedding Zoho Analytics into Peri CRM contributed nearly 25% to 30% to their top line. Find their detailed case-study here.


If you’re considering embedding an analytics solution to boost your organization’s BI adoption and you’d like to learn more about our Zoho Analytics-embedded BI offering, you can get started with our embedded analytics platform here.

We also provide a personalized demo (click for registration here) to those who are interested. For further questions or clarifications, we can be reached at

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