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Managing your work without setting priorities is like shooting randomly and calling whatever you hit ‘The Target’. – Peter Turla, president of the National Management Institute.

In our last blog post, we saw how Mark, a 22-year-old fashion revolutionary, gained a 360° perspective on his project data using Zoho Projects Advanced Analytics. Now let’s look at how Mark set up a powerful Task Analytics dashboard that helps him manage and execute his tasks more effectively.

Mark customized the Task Analytics dashboard from what was offered by Zoho Analytics to suit his specific needs. A single glance at this now gives him a complete overview of the tasks taken up this month, target versus completed, those on high priority, top/bottom 5 owners and much more.

*Scroll down or click to view the full dashboard.

These insights help Mark keep track of the progress, focus on high priority tasks, and identify areas that need attention. Now let’s look at a few reports that Mark used to figure this out.

1. Tasks Completed vs Target of the Month

This chart displays the total number of tasks completed versus the target to be achieved. The red line denotes the target and the green line denotes the tasks that are actually completed. If the green line falls below the red line then it means that the team is behind the target, if it falls above the red line then the team is ahead of the schedule.

Mark uses this report to quickly check up on the progress and better plan for the upcoming month.

2. Task Overdue Analytics

Overdue by Owners
This report displays the name of the owner, the total number of tasks assigned to him, those that are closed, overdue, delayed, the average delay in days, and the overdue percentage.

This helps him and his other managers monitor the overdue tasks and push employees towards completing them.

Top 10 Delayed Tasks
This pivot displays the top 10 delayed tasks. It shows the task name, owner, project name and the delay in days.

This not only enables Mark to view the tasks that most needs his attention but also shows the total number of days it is behind. In a fashion industry, where the trends change so quickly every delay is a loss, either in terms of money or time. Thanks to this pivot, Mark is now able to keep a tab on it.

3. Team Performance

Task Progress by Owners
This ‘Task Progress by Owners’ pivot displays the name of the owner and the total number of tasks, as well as the count of those closed, open and upcoming. Mark and his project managers can easily view what each member is assigned or working on by clicking the numbers adjacent to the owner’s name.

This report helps Mark and his team better manage resources and prioritize the tasks people are working on.

Top and Bottom 5 Owners
This bar chart displays the owners with the most tasks closed in the last three months. Mark uses this report to identify his strongest employees and encourage them further with suitable rewards and recognition.

The owners with the least number of tasks closed report helps Mark understand where his attention is most needed. This data also allows him to identify the capability limitations of the owners, as well as the complexity of the tasks handled by them. Using this, Mark devised various training programs that has helped his employees produce better results.

Apart from those mentioned above, Mark also uses reports such as project velocity, tasks based on priority, tasks completed so far by each owner etc to manage his task execution effectively.

Mark got a great deal out of Task Analytics. You can leverage our project management analytics too. 

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