Visualizing numbers the Zoho Analytics way

At Zoho Analytics, we often come across interesting analyses of datasets by our customers, who’ve published them for the public to see. In this blog, let’s look at some public dashboards from Zoho Analytics users. These dashboards, we thought, are great examples of how you can visualize data in an efficient way using Zoho Analytics.

1. Census Analysis – India (2011)

Analyzing population trends helps one gain insights into the development of a country. This dashboard shows the analysis of the census data of India. The customer doesn’t stop with analyzing the population alone. The customer also studied various factors such as literacy rate and sex ratio in this dataset.

Census of India
Census Analysis of India (2011)

2. Fishing & Shipping Business

Reporting has no boundaries. Here is an example where one customer used Zoho Analytics to analyze their fishing business. With Zoho Analytics, the owner was able to compare a wide range of data—catch, species of catch, vessels used to ship the catch—and represent it all on a graph in 2015 Unloading/Transshipment dashboard.

2015 Unloading/Transhipment
2015 Unloading/Transhipment

3. A Customer Detail

Helpdesk analytics is another thrust area where Zoho Analytics lends a hand. Here, a strong reporting solution is needed to effectively monitor and manage a Helpdesk system. And Zoho Analytics provides just that. See how this dashboard illuminates the Key Performance Indicators of the customer’s Helpdesk system at A Detalle Cliente

A customer detail
A customer detail

4. Gold Mining

You might be asking yourself, how does Zoho Analytics fit into Gold sampling analyses? One particular customer has used Zoho Analytics to estimate and plot the amount of gold extracted from various samples across different time periods. Check out the interesting reports in the Mining Dashboard.

Gold Mining Analysis
Gold Mining Analysis

5. Infectious diseases

If you thought using Zoho Analytics to plot the percentage of extracted gold was brilliant, wait till you see this one! Infectologia. Yes, plotting your health-related data was never simpler. Zoho Analytics lets you even analyze the trend of a disease, where and how a disease originated, how cases were registered, when someone first filed a case, and when it was closed.(Sure does remind one of the famed cholera outbreak visualization by John Snow).


These are just some of the many use cases of Zoho Analytics. It is amazing to see how data visualizations a can go a long way in increasing one’s perceptive. Have some interesting datasets to analyze? Well, you now know the tool to use! You can also check out the public datasets published by our customers over here!

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