Introducing Zoho Apptics: The all-in-one application analytics solution

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Today's hyper-connected world runs on the internet, where mobile apps dominate the majority of screen time. The times have changed, and business radars go far beyond providing online services and measuring website traffic.

Studies suggest that more than 90% of people now prefer using mobile apps over mobile-responsive websites (source: External) and the time spent by users on mobile apps increased by 46% in recent years (source: External). With all these stats, it's reasonable to see how the focus has shifted toward delivering personalized and secure app experiences to users around the globe.

You need to understand whether your users find your app useful and how many of them actively engage with it.This is where analytics comes into the picture.

 All about app analytics 

An app analytics tool helps you collect, process, visualize, and analyze large sets of app data within minutes. Analyzing in-app behavior and monitoring app usage is a time-tested, effective method for stakeholders to optimize its performance and experience according to user requirements.

Today, we have a wide range of application analytics solutions available on the market, helping you provide personalized experiences through mobile apps and expand your user base globally. These app analytics tools are built to ideally provide you with access to reliable, quality insights so you can make well-informed and balanced decisions for your business.

Here's where you face one of the biggest challenges: gathering reliable and accurate in-app data from users while respecting their privacy.

Struggles to find the right balance 

The line between collecting useful data and invading privacy is often very thin and blurred. With new data protection laws and regulations emerging every day, you can no longer turn a blind eye to privacy.

Tracking in-app data across different app stages requires you to juggle multiple tools. For instance, if you use Solution A to monitor your app's health and performance, you need to use separate Tool B to analyze user engagement and funnel flows. That's how you end up having countless open tabs that merely give you some fragmented information about your app.

The quest begins

Introducing Zoho Apptics - Zoho's privacy-by-design application analytics solution that provides quality analytics, while prioritizing user privacy and data safety. It's a single, simple, and scalable solution for all your app problems.

Zoho Apptics is a powerful in-app usage analytics and performance monitoring solution that caters to all your analytical needs. It provides a 360-degree analysis of your app and helps you make data-driven decisions at every stage of the app lifecycle with accurate insights on your app's adoption, health, performance, usage, engagement, and growth, all in a single console.

Initial setup and SDK integration: Simple and quick 

It only takes three simple steps and hardly 15 minutes to get started with Apptics.

1. Sign up and create a portal in Apptics. 

2. Create individual projects and register your apps in the console.

3. Complete SDK integration.

The core analytics SDK is the bare minimum to get you started with Apptics. You can refer to our detailed SDK guides for step-by-step guidance. Once you integrate the core analytics SDK, you can start tracking sessions, crashes, and screens (activity traversals for Android and selected screens for iOS) automatically, and visualize them as stats in the console.

Apart from these basic stats, there are features present in the Apptics console as individual plug-and-play modules. You can enable tracking and configuration for modules like In-app Feedback, App Updates, App Ratings, and more anytime according to your requirements.

Features: Easy to use, relevant, and customizable 

Apptics offers complete yet modular mobile analytics with more than 20 purpose-built features. You can start with the minimum viable option and get the basic stats about your app. You can later enable tracking and configure the usage of other modules as per your requirements. Take a look at the features that make Apptics a unique, all-in-one solution.

Zoho Apptics has been built on the premise of providing one tool for everyone involved in the app development lifecycle—app developers, marketers, and owners.

Developer-centric features like instant crash and bug reporting, in-app feedback, remote logging, custom properties, usage analytics, API latency, and remote configuration help your development team fix issues promptly and deliver seamless experiences to users. Whereas, features like store reviews, feedback, engagement analytics, funnels, user flows, retention, and the like help your marketing and support teams understand and enhance the app journey for better user satisfaction.

As a manager or the app owner, you can always see the bigger picture with a bird's eye view of all your apps across multiple platforms in a single dashboard. Further, you can manage multiple projects and provide role-based access for effective collaboration with your teammates.

With Apptics's quick setup, user-friendly UI, plug-and-play modules, customizable configurations, privacy-friendly environment, and powerful integrations you're all set for a smooth analytical journey!

This was a small, quick introduction for you about Apptics. Now that your interest is piqued, here's where you can explore how Apptics can help your business.

Do you have any doubts or questions? Don't think; ask! You can always write to us or schedule a demo session for a one-on-one conversation with us.


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