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Holiday Email Essentials – An email marketing quiz to find your engagement levels 

Growing subscribers and building strong engagement levels with them is the main motive of any efficient email marketer. But, do you really know your subscribers at all? With the holiday season steadily...

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The all-new Zoho Campaigns app for Apple TV—because we believe in teamwork.

Your organization is ready to promote its new product scheme. However, pulling together an email marketing plan is a Herculean task for your marketing team....

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“I’ve got you covered,” says Campaigns’ new editor!

Email campaign creation is done at every stage of nurturing and it takes the lion’s share of your email engagement strategies. Somewhere between finding the right...

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How to be a GDPR-savvy email marketer? [Infographic]

  S.u.b.s.c.r.i.b.e.r.s! It’s the term that forms the heart of email marketing. Every business that performs email marketing relies on their target audience, a.k.a the...

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Chronicles of Bad Email Marketing (Part 2)

Email marketing isn’t that difficult when done correctly. Few days back, we introduced you to four people who’ve made mistakes with their email marketing campaigns:...

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Chronicles of Bad Email Marketing (Part 1)

Picture this—you’re planning to send three successive email campaigns to your subscribers, but when you deliver, this is how they react: After the 1st campaign, ...

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5 tips to perk up your campaigns using merge tags (infographic)

Each campaign that you send out needs to have the right elements to make your recipients believe that your email is really relevant to them....

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5 lessons to master before sending out an email campaign

Email campaigns are one of the best ways to connect with your audience. As an integral part of a business’s inbound marketings strategies, they notify...

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7 ways to maximize your drip marketing efforts

While email marketing takes the lion’s share of many business’ marketing efforts, statistics project a typical mailing list loses a third of its members every...

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