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Product Marketer @Zoho. I am an avid reader, witty and an ambivert by nature. A hybrid of marketing and product management who prefers listening to customers. Connect and talk with me anytime at celina@zohocorp.com

Introducing : Import tasks and chrome extension for Zoho Projects

Are you still stuck with spreadsheets to manage your work? Let’s look at a real-time scenario Imagine your company suddenly receives a significant request, which...

Zoho Projects 2 min read

Zoho BugTracker comes with a few goodies

Any programmer worth their job knows that a source control system is crucial for their software development. Source control is something we all should do....

Zoho BugTracker 1 min read

Organize your work better with skip weekends and holidays

Customer feedback is the most essential and valuable for any business. And the most challenging part is how to keep customers happy? What is that...

Zoho Projects 2 min read

Zoho Projects iPhone / Android Mobile App updates

A couple of months ago we made an announcement that our Zoho Projects Mobile Apps goes FREE for all users – both iPhone and Android...

Zoho Projects 1 min read

Introducing : Timetracking for your bugs

A typical work day of a team member in a software development team : You’re a team member in charge of a performance module and...

Zoho BugTracker 2 min read

Just In : Project groups and enhancements in templates

Imagine this: You’re working in a ERP based company that has projects running across departments like finance, invoices, and accounts. Now there needs to be...

Zoho Projects 1 min read

Get More Done While On the Go With the Free Zoho Projects Mobile App

Do you love the new design for Apple’s iPhone iOS? Do you hate it? Everyone seems to have an opinion about it – and a...

Zoho Projects 1 min read

Zoho Projects 4.0 Preview Is Here: New, Easier and Faster

It’s been over a year since we started working on the new version of Zoho Projects and are very excited about it. We believe the...

Zoho Projects 1 min read

Email your files to Dropbox via Zoho Projects

Last week we announced Dropbox integration in Zoho Projects. On this front today we’re listing out the possible ways to sync files in Dropbox via...

Zoho Projects 1 min read

Share from Dropbox and simplify your work in Zoho

Zoho Projects 4.0 is keeping our developers busy working on some amazing stuff. While rest of us get to see the latest Projects News feed...

Zoho Projects 2 min read