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Chinmayee Mishra

Product Marketer for Zoho Docs. If not writing or reading, I'm either travelling or eating!

Here’s What’s New in Your Zoho Docs App

From checking email to collaborating with your team and even catching up on the news, if you’re anything like me, you probably spend most of...

Zoho Docs 2 min read

Reshape Your Documents using Zoho Writer

A study by 3M Corporation states that ‘90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain...

Zoho Docs 2 min read

Working on-the-go just got easier: Introducing the all new Zoho Writer app

Work is no longer confined to the four walls of an office. You can get called by your manager to review a file while you are...

Zoho Docs 2 min read

Just In: New Features in Zoho Writer

It’s always exciting to bring the What’s New stories to our customers. The newest additions, the most sought-after enhancements, or the upcoming features – they have...

Zoho Docs 2 min read

What You Need to Be a Successful Digital Nomad

A bright sunny day and clear blue sea greet me as I sit down to write my blog. Sipping a blue mojito, my head is...

Zoho Docs 3 min read

9 Quick and Easy Tips Every Zoho Docs User Should Know: Part 2

In our previous blog post, we covered some exciting tips from Zoho Docs to help you be more productive. Today, we are delving a bit deeper...

Zoho Docs 3 min read

9 Quick and Easy Tips Every Zoho Docs User Should Know: Part 1

Remember how when the year started, we were all geared up with exciting new resolutions! From kickstarting driving classes to joining the salsa dancing class or...

Zoho Docs 4 min read

Zoho Docs 2014: The Year-End Roundup

Remember that nostalgic feeling which hits you when viewing old photo albums? Each picture transports you back in time, the feeling so overwhelming that you...

Zoho Docs 1 min read

5 Habits of a Successful Zoho Docs Administrator

An admin newbie? Still trying to learn the ropes? Being the guy with “all the power” is not as fancy as it sounds. It’s a...

Zoho Docs 3 min read

4 Easy Steps to Seal the Deal Using Zoho Writer

Nowadays a growing number of business deals are taking place digitally. The two major factors – Time and Money – are driving businesses to create,...

Zoho Docs 2 min read