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Product Marketer at Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM + Google Analytics: More targeted marketing campaigns.

This is a guest post by Sergey Zuev, an entrepreneur & marketing technologist based in Odessa, Ukraine. He creates software tools that help businesses drive more...

Zoho CRM 4 min read

Introducing Knowlarity’s SuperReceptionist for Zoho CRM – cloud call management for Indian companies.

This is a guest post by Prashanth H N, Director of Product Management at Knowlarity Communications, the pioneer of Cloud Telephony products for SME in...

Zoho CRM 1 min read

Wine, chocolate and data.

This is a guest post by Stephanie Martin, CEO of Exigo Group, one of the valuable partners of Zoho. Steph is based in Orange County, CA...

Zoho CRM 3 min read

Join us for Zoho’s biggest event of the year, Zoholics: Sales & Marketing

Every day, we talk to thousands of customers by phone, email, chat, social media and in person. Of all these, our favorite way to connect...

Zoho CRM 1 min read

Zoho CRM – Discontinuing Integration with LinkedIn

Back in 2011, to help our customers focus more on selling and less CRMing, we started offering integration with LinkedIn along with various other important...

Zoho CRM 1 min read

Salespoint for Zoho CRM: The iPad App for Field Salespeople

This is a guest post by David Falk, CEO of Salespoint, a Barcelona-based field sales mobile app provider for manufacturing, insurance, electronics and food services....

Zoho CRM 2 min read

gUnify and Zoho CRM – Automatically Log VOIP Phone Calls from Google Apps to CRM

This is a guest post by Harprit Bhui, coFounder of gUnify, a cloud-based Unified Communication System connecting Zoho, Google Apps, and Broadsoft Hosted VOIP. gUnify is...

Zoho CRM 1 min read

There’s A Better Way To Share Sales Documents: Introducing the Zoho CRM Document Library

One of the most common requests I get from the Zoho sales team goes like this: ”I am working with a hot prospect who is evaluating...

Zoho CRM 2 min read

Sell Globally with Multiple Currencies

Picture these real-time business scenarios, A big company from Japan is ready to buy your products in bulk, but can pay only in Japanese Yen...

Zoho CRM 2 min read

Zoho CRM – Multi-language Support..

We are getting ready with support for a few International languages for Zoho CRM. So far we have translated the entire Zoho CRM user interface...

Zoho CRM 1 min read