Kruthi Gonwar

Kruthi Gonwar is a product marketer with Zoho Recruit. You can initiate a conversation with her by posting a comment on the blog.

23 and Counting: Localize Recruitment with Zoho Recruit 

Isn’t it very comforting to be able to work with a software that speaks your native tongue? Switch to Zoho Recruit, that now supports hiring in 23...

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Does your applicant tracking system pass the 3E test?

While each recruiter’s needs are a little different, everyone can benefit from considering the three E’s: effectiveness, efficiency, and ease of use.    The problems recruiters face...

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What’s brewing at Zoho Recruit?

Now get access to the all new CRM two-way sync, post jobs onto CV Library and Job Rapido, and much more on one of the...

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India is celebrating Recruiter’s Day today, and we can’t keep calm about it!

This March 9, Zoho Recruit values the contribution of every recruiter who has helped millions of job aspirants reach their destination.  

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Kickstart your onboarding process from Zoho Recruit

In times when recruitment is more about value than sheer volume, hiring managers are always in need of solutions that complete tasks without having to...

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Hey recruiters, candidates want more than just a fat paycheck!!

The job market is constantly changing, and with it are priorities. A few years ago, candidates would choose college majors that offered stable and high...

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Four lessons recruiters can learn from Olympians

If you’re anything like me, you can’t get enough of the Olympics. Apart from being the most prestigious and revered sporting event across the globe,...

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Getting smart with Advanced Recruit Analytics

James runs a staffing agency. James wanted to generate weekly business insights. James switched to Advanced Recruit Analytics. James is now his workplace ninja. James...

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