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Introducing the New Zoho CRM Plus : The world’s most powerful customer engagement suite. 

The New Zoho CRM Plus is finally here. We love the cleaner, faster, better UI – and we think you will, too. We received an overwhelming...

Zoho CRM Plus 3 min read

Announcing the newest member of the Zoho CRM Plus Customer Engagement Suite: Zoho Motivator.

Being a sales representative is difficult. More often than not, they feel the burnout of trying to close that final deal to complete their monthly...

Zoho CRM Plus 2 min read

Zoho ContactManager joins hands with MailChimp to bring your business contacts and email campaigns together.

Imagine that you are launching a brand new product, and you want all your customers to hear about it. You open MailChimp, create your mail...

Zoho ContactManager 2 min read

Zoho ContactManager teams up with Google Apps

We know how you feel. You start a business with a single system for all your contacts, preferably Google Contacts. You watch your business prosper,...

Zoho ContactManager 3 min read

Food, Water, Shelter…Password Manager!

Password managers are becoming indispensable; Whoever you are, whatever you do, ​password managers can make your job simpler! Rich or poor, educated or illiterate, everyone...

Zoho Vault 3 min read

Password Managers are not life partners; you can change them!

Breaking free from a bad relationship can be painful but is sometimes the best thing to do, even in enterprise IT. When you know that...

Zoho Vault 2 min read