Saivarun K V

Product Marketer

Take the Direct Route: Introducing Direct Feeds in Zoho Expense

In cloud-based expense reporting, speed and efficiency matter. Extra steps reduce the quality of the user experience, so we’re always looking for ways to cut...

Zoho Expense 1 min read

Introducing Zoho Expense for Windows 10 Desktop: Expense reporting is now more accessible

Zoho Expense has a new feather in its cap with the addition of Windows 10 Desktop compatibility. Are you a Windows fanatic? You can now access your favorite expense...

Zoho Expense 1 min read

Lyft up your expense management: Introducing the Zoho Expense-Lyft integration

Business travel expense is a challenging category to keep in check. Over and above what you pay for airfare (if you’re traveling by air), the cost...

Zoho Expense 2 min read

Faster Reimbursements Mean Happier Employees: Introducing Online Reimbursements via ACH

It used to be that the big eat the small; now it’s the fast that eat the slow. Fast is the new big. – Daniel...

Zoho Expense 2 min read