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S B Saravana Bharathi

S B Saravana Bharathi is a Marketing Analyst at Zoho Reports.

Improving organizational efficiency with Zoho Reports

Two organizations Adviso and Qipert, recently shared their success stories with us telling how Zoho Reports helped them in overcoming their functional difficulties and improved...

Zoho Reports 3 min read

Marketing Lead Analytics with Advanced CRM Analytics

In the previous posts, we discussed the essential reports in stage history analysis and sales team analytics. As next in this series on “CRM Analytics”,...

Zoho Reports 2 min read

The Essential Sales Analytics Reports – Sales team Analytics

In the previous post we spoke about Sales Pipeline Optimization through Stage History Analysis. In this post, we speak about sales team analytics. A natural...

Zoho Reports 4 min read

UK Accidents – An Analysis with Zoho Reports

“Accidents are not accidents but precise arrivals at the wrong right time”, says, a popular writer and poet. This blog analyzes the road accidents that...

Zoho Reports 4 min read

Sales Pipeline Optimization through Stage History Analysis

“Study the past to define the future,” said Confucius. Businesses that fail are typically those that repeat mistakes made in the past. Historical analysis helps...

Zoho Reports 2 min read

Introducing Advanced Analytics for Zoho BugTracker

We are happy to announce the integration of Zoho BugTracker with Zoho Reports. This integration has opened the doors to endless reporting capabilities on your...

Zoho BugTracker 2 min read

The Chart Picker Guide

Charts have the magical ability to transform abstract numbers into beautiful readable visualizations. Trouble comes when you have to choose the right chart, that could best...

Zoho Reports 2 min read

Support for NoSQL databases and other handy new features from Zoho Reports

Coined by Huseeb Budhani in 2008, “Big Data” has been a big deal for a few years now. Most traditional database systems manage only regular-sized...

Zoho Reports 2 min read