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Sharanya R

Sharanya is a Product Marketer @ Zoho Campaigns. You can start a conversation with her by leaving a comment in any of her blog posts or you can also tweet out to @sharuram.

Grow your subscriber base with sign-up forms in Zoho ​Campaigns

Ask any email marketing expert and they’ll tell you this: the success of your email marketing campaign depends on the health of your mailing list....

Zoho Campaigns 2 min read

Add powerful visuals to your email campaigns. Zoho Campaigns integrates with Bigstock

Email campaigns have become very visual. Images don’t just add beauty to your email templates. They communicate your message better and even make your emails...

Zoho Campaigns 2 min read

Automate your Email Marketing with Workflows and Autoresponders

We received these questions from our customers recently: “How do I send follow-ups to all leads who have clicked on a specific link in my...

Zoho Campaigns 2 min read

Keep shoppers coming back for more – with Shopify and custom coupon email campaigns

If you’re using email marketing, you already know the value of sending timely and relevant information to your customers. And if you’re in the eCommerce...

Zoho Campaigns 2 min read

Meet Zoho at TFM&A 2014, London!

We are delighted to be exhibiting at the Technology for Marketing & Advertising, 2014 in Earls Court 2, London on the 25th and the 26th...

General 1 min read

Freedom to focus on your email campaigns with an even better free plan

At Zoho, we believe that growing businesses should have the freedom to try and experiment as much as they want, without having to worry about...

Zoho Campaigns 1 min read

From Blog to Email automatically – With RSS Feed Campaigns

It has been a while since Google shut down Google Reader. Many bloggers looked for alternatives to readers so that they could distribute their content...

Zoho Campaigns 2 min read

Manage Email Campaigns on-the-go. Introducing Zoho Campaigns for iPhone!

You would have just scheduled a much awaited email campaign, and before the results come in, you have to step out for the day. You...

Zoho Campaigns 1 min read

Comments, Content and Conversations: Zoho Campaigns has a new feature!

Darrell is really excited. She just sent out her bimonthly newsletter and she can’t wait for the results of the campaign to come in. This...

Zoho Campaigns 3 min read

Include YouTube and Vimeo videos in your Email Marketing Campaigns

It’s always the same with every email campaign. If you’re an email marketer, you’ll know this feeling very well. When working on the content for...

Zoho Campaigns 2 min read