Sridhar Vembu

CEO, Zoho Corp.

Update on Zoho Services Disruption

Dear Zoho Customer, Let me first acknowledge the obvious. The last several hours has been a nightmare for some of you since you have not been able to access the Zoho services you trust and rely on, to run your business. The domain was inaccessible for many customers. Rapid corrective action has been possible for many customers to restore service availability but has not worked for some others. Before I offer explanations, let me offer you my genuine apology. I run Zoho and as a business owner and CEO can fully understand what it means to not be able to access the software and services that keep your businesses on track and serves your customers. For this, I am truly sorry. I have been at the helm of this situation since it broke many hours ago and will continue to be here until everything is fully resolved.

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Supreme Court Ruling Bolsters Zoho’s Stand Against Patent Trolls

Yesterday, the Supreme Court dealt a major blow to patent trolls all across the U.S. For decades, technology companies have been an easy target for frivolous patent...

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Salesforce Lightning Strikes, Burns Customers 

Lightning struck last week when Salesforce announced its new Sales Cloud and Service Cloud Lightning Editions. The new editions come with a whopping 15-20 percent across-the-board price...

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Services normal, detailed update to follow

All Zoho services are now functioning  normally. We have performed many upgrades and are monitoring carefully. We’ll make a detailed statement soon.

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Recent Service Disruptions

We have been facing an on-and-off surge in network traffic that is causing these service disruptions. It is a denial of service attack, and we...

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Salesforce Acquisition: Nobody Rings a Bell at the Top

Yesterday rumors broke out that Salesforce is entertaining buyout offers and has hired investment bankers to consider “strategic options”. My first thought? What a great...

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Microsoft’s Oxygen Supply Problem

Zoho and Google both have offered free office suite for years, and today, Apple announced that their office suite will also be free across all...

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Zoho Outage on Sep 26, 2013

We experienced an outage yesterday, September 26, that affected all Zoho services. The outage started around 2:32 pm, PST. This was due to the network disturbance...

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What the US Government Surveillance Programs Mean for Zoho Customers

  At Zoho we take privacy and security of your data very seriously. However, privacy is not just a matter of software engineering. A few...

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Grades Measure Test-Taking Skills and Interviews Measure Interviewing Skills

Today Google dropped a bombshell: They’ve made some significant changes to the way they recruit – no longer looking at things they were previously famous...

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