Increase Exhibitor ROI before, after and during the event: Introducing Expo Management in Zoho Backstage

The truth is exhibitor success is event success. A vibrant expo floor teeming with engaged attendees? That's the magic you crave. As an event planner, you understand the numerous challenges that come with managing exhibitors and ensuring the success of your exhibitions. Whether it's juggling floor plans, keeping exhibitors informed, or helping them score those golden leads, the process can be overwhelming. Don't worry! Zoho Backstage's Expo Management is here to make your life easier and help you easily overcome these challenges.

Empower your exhibitors with Expo Management

Let's explore how Zoho Backstage can streamline your exhibition planning and make your events a resounding success.


Even before the exhibition begins, Zoho Backstage can help you improve the exhibitor experience.

Dynamic Floor Planner: Booth selection

Zoho Backstage's interactive floor plan builder allows exhibitors to choose their preferred booth location from a user-friendly interface. Say goodbye to manual calculations and tedious revisions. Here, you can easily create, edit, customize, package, and sell booths as needed.

The intuitive tools enable you to visualize your event space; add icons, text, shapes, and colors, and provide exhibitors with a clear understanding of their booth location. Simplify complex floor planning and create an exhibition layout that sets the stage for success.

Exhibitor Communication: Enhance collaboration and coordination

No more playing telephone with your exhibitors—effective communication is paramount to a successful exhibition. However, keeping exhibitors informed, engaged, and aligned can be a challenge, especially when dealing with multiple updates, promotions, and changes. Zoho Backstage's communication tools let you send targeted emails and announcements to keep everyone on the same page. You can also use real-time notifications to ensure that important updates don't get missed and that you provide exhibitors with the information and resources they need to showcase their products or services effectively.

Exhibitor Portal: Amplify exhibitor visibility and engagement

Standing out in a crowded exhibition can be tough for exhibitors. Empower your exhibitors to shine with Zoho Backstage's Exhibitor Portal.

This portal allows exhibitors to create professional brand pages that showcase their unique value propositions and offerings. From eye-catching brochures to captivating videos, exhibitors can leverage this platform to showcase their offerings, maximize their visibility, and generate increased foot traffic to their booths. They can also use the portal to distribute marketing materials and connect with attendees before, during, and after the event.

During the Event 

Once the exhibition is underway, Zoho Backstage can help you keep things running smoothly and ensure that exhibitors have a successful event.

Appointment Scheduler: Foster meaningful connections

Forget the days of attendees wandering aimlessly around the expo floor. Zoho Backstage's Expo Management features allow attendees to easily connect with exhibitors that match their interests. Easily filter through attendee and exhibitor databases, allowing you to send personalized chat or meeting requests. This means more qualified leads for exhibitors and a more productive experience for attendees.

Lead Capture: Streamline lead generation and follow-up

Generating leads is like panning for gold, but manually capturing and managing them can feel like sifting through endless sediment. Zoho Backstage's lead capture is essential, streamlining this process with technological efficiency, allowing exhibitors to capture and manage leads on the go. By scanning attendee badges, exhibitors can instantly capture contact information, rate the quality of leads, add notes for more effective follow-up, and eliminate the hassle of manual data entry. With Lead Capture, exhibitors will be able to focus on what really matters—nurturing relationships and converting leads into valuable customers.


Lead Follow-up: Exhibitors will have full access to all the data captured through lead retrieval. This includes contact information, notes, and any ratings or scores assigned to leads. With this comprehensive data in hand, exhibitors can effectively follow up with their leads, nurture relationships, and ultimately close more deals. This ensures a positive return on investment (ROI) for their exhibition participation.

We can't wait for you to give Expo Management a whirl and share your thoughts. Got any questions, comments, or just want to see a demo? Write to us at, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We're here to help and make sure you have a fantastic experience!

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