Zoho Backstage's Biggest Update Yet: Introducing Version 2.0

The events industry is experiencing a thrilling resurgence! Physical events are back in a big way, and event planners are eager to create unforgettable experiences for attendees. But with this excitement comes a familiar challenge: managing everything with a scattered toolbox of different software. Juggling multiple tools for registration, ticketing, expo management, and analytics can be a time-consuming nightmare. Zoho Backstage understands this struggle. That's why we're excited to unveil Zoho Backstage 2.0!

Zoho Backstage 2.0 is a comprehensive update packed with features designed to streamline your planning process, maximize engagement, and deliver valuable insights. Eliminate the need for multiple tools and focus on what matters most – delivering a seamless experience for attendees and organizers alike.

Introducing a User Experience Designed for You

Say hello to an intuitive, streamlined experience. Zoho Backstage 2.0 boasts a brand new UI designed with event planners in mind. Here's what you can expect:

  • Effortless Navigation: Our new dock puts all the essential tools at your fingertips, minimizing clicks and maximizing efficiency.

  • Sleek & Snappy: The interface is smoother than ever, allowing you to navigate with ease and keep your workflow lightning-fast.

  • Universal Search: The universal search function lets you locate features and actions in a flash.

  • Your Website, Your Way: Personalize the event website with customizable themes to reflect your brand identity. Tweak layouts to match your style. Show or hide elements like session description, session duration, event hall, etc. Want to choose between a panel view or pop-up info? It's all up to you.

Enhanced Expo Management 

Zoho Backstage 2.0 takes expo management to the next level with powerful features that empower both organizers and exhibitors.

  • Interactive Floor Planner: Design and personalize booth layouts according to your venue. Blocking booths becomes a breeze, ensuring a perfect fit for every exhibitor.

  • Exhibitor Brand Pages: Customized brand pages become a reality. Exhibitors can showcase their offerings, marketing materials, and brand story, attracting attendees and generating pre-expo buzz.

  • Lead Capture: The powerful lead capture and retrieval system empowers exhibitors to collect attendee information seamlessly through badge scanning. Jot down notes, rank leads, and integrate them directly with your CRM – maximize ROI with productive follow-up.

Boost Networking & Engagement 

Zoho Backstage 2.0 prioritizes fostering meaningful connections between attendees.

  • AI Matchmaking: Our AI-powered matchmaking eliminates endless small talk. Connect attendees with the right people from the start, fostering targeted conversations that yield valuable results.

  • 1:1 Chat & Meetings: Facilitate 1:1 chats and meetings between participants, fostering collaboration and relationship building.

  • Gamification: Our gamification features allow participants to earn points for completing challenges designed to boost interaction. Climb the leaderboard and win exciting rewards, keeping attendees active throughout the event.

Effortless Ticketing with Embeddable Widgets 

Embed a widget right on your event website. These widgets allow attendees to secure their spot directly on any website without leaving the page they're on. It's a frictionless way to boost sales and provide a convenient user experience.

Tailored Experiences with Session Registration 

Want to provide exclusive content and cater to specific interests?

Our new session registration feature gives you the flexibility to:

  • Create premium sessions: Deliver in-depth content or target a specific audience by offering gated sessions that require a separate purchase.

  • Bundle with VIP access: Increase the value of your premium ticket tiers by including exclusive sessions as part of the package.

This way, you can tailor the event experience for attendees and generate additional revenue by providing premium content.

Curate Your Audience with  Registration Approval  

For events where you prefer to scrutinize the attendee list, Zoho Backstage offers registration approval. This feature allows you to review and approve (or reject) registration requests before finalizing attendance. This ensures greater control over your event experience.

Power Up Your Workflow with Automation and Customization

Zoho Backstage 2.0 empowers you to streamline your workflow with powerful automation tools.

  • Automated Workflows: Create automated workflows with triggers and actions, eliminating repetitive tasks and saving you precious time.

  • Low-Code Customization: Build custom functions with low-code capabilities, tailoring the platform to your specific needs.

Organize with Spaces 

Organize your events effortlessly with the all-new Spaces feature.

  • Thematic Grouping: Group events into chapters, regions, themes, or custom categories for better management.

  • Dedicated Branding: Personalize each Space with a custom domain and dedicated payment gateway.

Craft Exclusive Experiences with Event Zones

Zoho Backstage introduces Event Zones, a powerful tool for creating designated areas within your event.

Here are some examples of Event Zones in action:

  • VIP Lounges: Offer exclusive access to a comfortable space with refreshments and dedicated staff.

  • Backstage Areas: Restrict access to backstage areas for performers, organizers, and authorized personnel.

  • Networking Zones: Create designated spaces for specific industries or demographics to foster targeted connections.

  • Food & Beverage Areas: Manage access to concession areas or premium dining experiences.

  • Parking Zones: Assign specific parking areas for VIP attendees or those with special needs.

Measure Your Success with Advanced Analytics 

Gain valuable insights into your event's performance with Zoho Backstage 2.0's robust analytics suite.

  • Overall Attendee Experience: Get a clear picture of how attendees experienced your event through comprehensive performance insights.

  • Detailed Reports: Dive deep into detailed statistics and trend charts for every event activity, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and optimize future events.

Accessibility for All 

Zoho Backstage 2.0 prioritizes inclusivity with website accessibility features.

  • Accessibility Options: Attendees can adjust contrast, text size, and color on the website for a comfortable viewing experience.

  • Assistive Features: Reading guides and large cursors make navigating and interacting with the website accessible for everyone.

We've also integrated some additional features to make your life easier, including:

  • Swift ticket access with Apple Wallet: No more rummaging through your inbox for tickets! Attendees can add their tickets to their Apple Wallet with just a few taps for a seamless entry experience.

  • Attendee Info Optional for Bulk Orders: When placing bulk orders, you can now choose whether or not to collect attendee details for each participant, offering more flexibility in your registration process.

  • Email Delivery Reports: Stop wondering if your emails reached their destination! Zoho Backstage 2.0 provides email delivery reports, giving you valuable insights into your email campaign performance.

  • Streamline VAT Collection (UAE only for now): Great news for our customers in the UAE! Zoho Backstage now supports VAT collection for events held in the region. This simplifies the process for both organizers and attendees, ensuring compliance with local regulations. Stay tuned, as we plan to expand tax support to other regions soon!

We've put our hearts into crafting an event management platform that streamlines your workflow, sparks attendee engagement, and fuels valuable connections. But the real magic happens when you take the reins.  So, dive into Zoho Backstage 2.0, explore its features, and let us know what you think! We're here to listen, learn, and keep innovating to make your event management experience extraordinary.

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