Supercharge your CRM experience with Bigin on iOS 17 and iPadOS 17

It's Apple season again!

After Craig Federighi underscored "breakthrough experiences" during WWDC23, the creative minds at Bigin sprang into action. We thought to ourselves, How can we make features like Visual Look Up and SharePlay practical for business purposes? We're excited to say that we've successfully integrated these and other features in Bigin—and now, we're here to demonstrate what the latest updates for our iPhone and iPad apps bring to the table.

Bigin is on iOS 17 and iPadOS 17

Perform actions using Interactive Widgets

Widgets aren't mere placeholders for information; they've evolved into extensions of the applications they represent. For instance, consider moving a pipeline record across its stages. You can achieve this seamlessly with a simple tap on the "Next Stage" button. These widgets now incorporate interactive elements that empower you to perform the actions you want. Another example is the Tasks widget: A quick tap on the checkbox is all it takes to mark off a task as completed.

Use Live Activities for real-time time tracking

Live Activities opens up a world of real-time tracking for ongoing affairs. You can display your daily tasks conveniently on your lock screen, complete with timers to help you manage your time effectively. But it doesn't stop there; Live Activities also serves as a practical tool to stay on top of your upcoming events and calls. We've made notifications more useful by making them interactive. When you press and hold a notification, you can respond promptly by choosing from various actions. Say goodbye to missed deadlines!

Transform your product images into 3D models

Don't fret anymore about the costly and time-consuming process of outsourcing 3D model creation for your products. With Bigin's latest feature, you can effortlessly upload your product's 3D models directly into the Products module. Our user-friendly interface will guide you through the image capture process, and Bigin will handle the rest—seamlessly transforming your images into detailed 3D models.

Enhance your property listings with 3D floor plans

Our real estate experts actively use RoomPlan, and we've taken things a step further by integrating Bigin with its fantastic upgrade, MultiRoom. With MultiRoom, you can now meticulously scan various areas of a property to capture images of multiple rooms easily, as well as piece them together. Once the property scan is complete, Bigin masterfully blends all the visuals to craft a stunning 3D model of the property. It's a game-changer for real estate professionals that offers a streamlined way to showcase properties like never before.

Collaborate on a FaceTime call using SharePlay 

Picture this: a dynamic collaboration where Bigin users convene on a FaceTime call, all sharing a common email composition screen. In this immersive experience, they collectively brainstorm the draft's content, with members taking turns to refine the email's body, effortlessly attach files, and put the finishing touches on the message. Thanks to SharePlay, this seamless and real-time collaborative workflow is now a tangible reality.

Enjoy instant access using app shortcuts 

You can now enjoy the convenience of instant access to Bigin's key features. Thanks to the revamped Shortcuts App and Spotlight Search, you can now reach your most frequently used functions easily. Whether you want to jot down notes quickly, easily reschedule calls, or check your daily activities, you can do it all in a snap from either of these handy locations.

Identify visual elements using Visual Look Up

This feature can identify various visuals in images and videos, ranging from adorable pets to captivating art. Let's say you're running a service dedicated to connecting dogs with their perfect owners. When a request comes in for a specific dog breed, a simple click on the image activates Visual Look Up, which not only accurately recognizes the breed but also provides essential details.

Idle iPhone? Keep the Lock Screen busy in StandBy mode

One nifty feature you might overlook on your iPhone is Standby mode, which grants you the power to curate the content on your screen when you set it down. For instance, you can conveniently access an overview of your upcoming Bigin activities before winding down for the night and have it readily available upon waking up.

Business information on the very first screen

This feature requires no introduction. The iPad Lock Screen used to serve various purposes, but housing widgets wasn't one of them. Now, you can find all your daily tasks, events, call activity tracking, and a pipeline overview on the very first screen. These widgets also double as shortcuts, enabling you to add activities or access specific pipeline records easily.

Helpful tips to navigate the app

A key focus for us is ensuring effortless interaction with the Bigin app. To achieve this, we've strategically integrated helpful tips in different areas of the app. These tips serve as your navigation aids, leading you to explore and utilize features that might otherwise go unnoticed.

As Apple's ecosystem evolves, so does Bigin. We're committed to ensuring users have access to the latest tools and functionalities for efficient business management using the world's easiest and most affordable small business CRM.

But you be the judge of that.

Download the app, and never look back.


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