3 Ways "User Roles" can save you a lot of trouble

When Roger had his living room remodeled, he handed the key to his house to the crew after locking all other rooms because he didn’t want them snooping around.

Now, think why you should grant all your staff access to your accounting software in its entirety, when you only want them to handle a part of it.


It’s not possible for a single person to perform all the functions concerned with business like setting budgets, accounting, well, at least not efficiently. It’s key that these functions are delegated to bookkeepers, accountants, sales staff, and contract workers and performed independently by all members of the staff.

The problem with giving them all unrestricted access is that there is every chance that your financial data is under risk. And there lies an impasse! Limiting access too much could make it hard for your staff to do their tasks efficiently.

This is where the “User Roles” feature in Zoho Books comes in handy along with a panoply of advantages.

Just the right access for your staff

The predefined roles (Admin, Staff, Time-Sheet Staff), with each role having its own set of privileges and access limits, can be used to define the roles of your staff clearly and limiting them only to the necessary functionalities. It will be up to you to decide who should access what. You wouldn’t want your Contract Workers to while away their time by perusing your quarterly reports. By setting their role to “Time-Sheet Staff”, you can make sure that they have access to only what they truly need.

Security from Data Breach

You can make your sales staff create and edit invoices and have access to receivables without the risk of them snooping around through your tax returns or P&L. When your staff get access to your payrolls and bank transactions, there is every chance that sensitive data is exported, exposed or changed. With this feature, you can customize each and every privilege, even something as innocuous as privilege to view time-logs, to make sure your financial data is safe.

Flexible Roles = Efficient Organization

The power of this feature lies in its ability to become malleable when needed. It’s often the case that you would like one of your bookkeepers to prepare financial statements and analyze quarterly reports in addition to his actual duties. This role does not fall into a narrow category. The User Roles feature lets you create new roles, right from scratch, so that you can customize each and every permission to suit your needs, thereby creating roles with more granularity.

 This little yet indispensable feature in Zoho Books makes it easier for you to control what your staff can access and makes your data inviolable. Also, the unlimited number of granular roles is just the icing on the cake.

Creating User Roles in Zoho Books is a piece of cake. Just click here to know how.



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