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After introducing Budgets in Zoho Books, we are back with yet another feature to help accountants stay audit-ready by fixing incorrect transactions in a matter of seconds.

We’ll get into the details in a bit, but first, let’s take a look at some of the common reasons for an accountant to change the accounts of transactions.

Typically, when accountants face these situations, they have to change the accounts of individual transactions, one at a time. Finding these transactions and changing them individually can be quite tiresome, especially if they’re spread out over a significant period of time.

Well, not anymore. The new bulk update feature in Zoho Books can help accountants find these transactions and change their accounts quickly and easily.

Now let’s learn how you can switch the account of multiple transactions in Zoho Books with no trouble.

Filter the Transactions You Choose

Finding the transactions whose accounts have to be changed can take up a lot of valuable time, so Zoho Books offers you a range of filters to help you identify them quickly. You can filter your transactions based on the account or contact they have been associated with, their date range, or their total amount range.

After running a filter, you will also be able to select from the filtered transactions to narrow down your target.

Change the Accounts of Filtered Transactions

Once the transactions have been filtered, all you have to do is to select a new account for the selected transactions.

Once you select a new account, all the transactions you chose will be updated.
It’s all done with a smooth, easy-to-use interface, saving you time and trouble.

Head over to our help document to learn more about updating accounts for your business transactions, or contact us for dedicated assistance.

Having an accountant can help you run your business finances. Get expert advice from a Zoho Books authorized accountant.


10 Replies to Bulk Update the Accounts of Your Transactions in Two Simple Steps | Zoho Books

    1. Hey Clarence, thanks for reaching out to us. To delete a credit note:

        Go to Sales > Credit Notes. Select the credit note you want to delete. Click More > Delete.
      To void a credit note:
        Go to Sales > Credit Notes. Select the credit note you wish to void. Click More > Void. Enter the reason to void. Click Void it.
      Hope this helps.

  1. We have completed a bulk update, however, the update is not reflected in the Profit & Loss Statement. What is the use if the P&L is not updated/accurate?

    1. Hey there, the update should be getting reflected in your profit and loss statement. Could you please check" target="_blank" title="https://www.zoho.com/in/books/help/accountant/bulk-update.html#bulk-history">check">https://www.zoho.com/in/books/help/accountant/bulk-update.html#bulk-history">check the status of your bulk update? If the status of your bulk update is completed, and if the update is still not reflected in your profit and loss statement, contact" target="_blank" title="https://www.zoho.com/in/books/contact-support.html">contact">https://www.zoho.com/in/books/contact-support.html">contact us.

  2. Hi, here's another suggestion. When you get an "account transactions" report for a particular account, you can see all the transactions, and from which bank account it came from, but you can't see the description of the transaction - essentially the description as per the line item in the bank account. This makes it very hard to actually see the composition of a particular account, all you get is a list of numbers that adds up to the total. There doesn't seem to to be a work-around for this other than going into each transaction individually to see the bank-line-item-description. Seems like an obvious thing to add. All other accounting systems I've come across do this Thanks

  3. Woh Some more I would like to suggest to you : (1) While printing reports, the page number is not appearing on each page? (2) In users access I do not want to give them P&L, Balance sheet access but when I gave users Trial Balance access they can see other reports also.

    1. Hey there, we are working on displaying the page number on each page. As for user permissions, we do have plans for implementing them for reports as well. We'll update you as soon as we roll them out :)

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