Customer Spotlight: How Incept 3D eliminated productivity killers using Zoho Books

3D printing is a futuristic technology and is slowly marking its presence in every industry. But even for a such a modern service, the age old need to manage the business finances still remains. The same old debit and credit, generating invoices, getting paid, managing expenses and the like.


Michael Armbruster started Incept 3D with a motive of delivering quick and accurate 3D printing services to industries. To quote Michael, “A difference of 30 minutes can determine whether or not something will make the deadline to ship that day. The speed at which we are able to execute our side of things at Incept 3D is compounded all the way down the line, and whether or not we are able to execute in that 30 minutes might change the course of our customer’s product development by months”.

Working on such tight schedules, they cannot waste time on creating quotes or invoices manually every time they do business with a customer. In short, managing finances the traditional way was slowing them down too much. That’s why they chose Zoho Books to eliminate tasks that were slowing them down and increase productivity.

Learn more about how Incept 3D delivers unmatched 3D printing services to its customers and how Zoho Books was a game changer for Incept 3D.


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