Experience Connected Banking with Zoho Books and HSBC

At Zoho, we’ve been constantly striving to democratize technology for businesses. With our Connected Banking initiative, we’ve been able to help many businesses of all sizes experience the benefits of an integrated accounting and banking platform. Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with HSBC.

This partnership offers Zoho Books and HSBC Business Banking account users the best of accounting and banking services on one platform. The setup is effortless, and you can initiate vendor payments, make GST payments, check your HSBC Business Banking account balance, easily auto-match your bank feeds, and more—all directly from Zoho Books.

Here are a few benefits this partnership offers:

Pay your vendors directly

Paying your vendors is now much easier. Simply choose a bill and click ‘Pay Now’ to instantly make a secure payment through the transaction type of your choice (NEFT and RTGS), directly from your Zoho Books account. You will receive a notification as soon as the payment is completed.

And the best part? No more manually recording your bill payments. Zoho Books automatically records the corresponding bills, and you can view the payments you have made in Zoho Books at any time.

Send advances to your vendor

Advance payments have become the norm while dealing with large projects. With this partnership, you can now set aside and transfer selected amounts as advance payments to your vendor and automatically record such payments. This will allow you to establish a regular payment schedule and securely transfer payments to your vendor’s bank account, all from Zoho Books.

Make GST payments with ease

This partnership makes it easier than ever to make a GST return payment by allowing you to make GST return payments directly from Zoho Books. After you initiate the payment, the payment status will be automatically updated in Zoho Books. Also, after you mark your GST returns as filed, Zoho Books will automatically record accounting entries in a journal.

Sync bank feeds within Zoho Books

Keep better track of your cash flow directly from Zoho Books. With this HSBC partnership, you can configure your Zoho Books account to receive bank feeds on a set time frame. This way, you can track your account’s real-time balance and the status of all your transactions as your bank feeds are automatically synced every 24 hours.

Auto-match and reconcile easily

Reconciling your bank accounts can now be done in a matter of minutes. Leave no room for manual mistakes or data entry errors. Choose the period for which you would like to reconcile an account and Zoho Books automatically fetches and matches your bank feeds you can reconcile their respective transactions in Zoho Books.

Maintain data security

Zoho Books protects your privacy and security with IP restrictions, two-factor authentication, SSL, and more. Your data can only be accessed by the users that you authorize. Also, you can  initiate a payment in Zoho Books  only after you enter a 4-digit pin and approve the transaction from your HSBC net banking portal.

 Integrate Zoho Books with your HSBC Business Banking account for a secured and simplified accounting and banking experience.

To learn how to integrate Zoho Books with your HSBC Business Banking account and get the most out of this partnership, visit our help pages or email us at hsbc-support@zohofinance.com. Stay tuned for more updates to this partnership as we plan to extend its capabilities to payroll processing and more in the near future.



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