Title alone is a giveaway. You have two or more customers with duplicate records in your Zoho Invoice or Zoho Books customer list. Reason for their existence could be :

1. You recently imported accounts and contacts from Zoho CRM and there are duplicate customer names staring at you.

2. You and your colleague unknowingly created the same contact under two different names. One as ‘Jane’ and another as ‘Jane Thomas’.

End Result : There are two sets of data (invoices, estimates,expenses..etc.,) running parallel for the same customer. You are annoyed and want to delete everything and start fresh… Pause .. Take a deep breath.

A little while ago we introduced ‘Merge Customer’. This tiny, yet powerful feature in Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books lets you merge your customer data so you won’t have to worry about twin records anymore. What it essentially does is, maps the duplicate record to the master record (customer which you wish to keep) and transfers all the data like invoices,estimates,etc., to the master record. Read more about  ‘Merge Customers‘ in our Help section

Also, as a time saver, we’ve introduced the ‘Merge’ button right on top of the customer list page. You can check all the duplicates and merge them all at once.

Merge customer recordsGo ahead and start merging. Let us know what you think.​

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  1. Juan Fermin

    I’m trying to import my Zoho Invoice organization into Zoho Books, but it says that I have duplicate names. I’m fairly certain that I’ve marked the duplicates inactive after merging them. Is Zoho Books seeing the Inactive contacts as well or Have I overlooked certain duplicate contacts?

  2. Reshma Roy

    Thank you all for the wonderful feedback 🙂 . Remain tuned in for more updates to come

  3. universities

    was a very nice thank you 🙂

  4. Simple ID

    This is awesome, we’ve got so many duplicates, great addition!

  5. Richard

    Sweet is right! Keep up the great work Zoho Team(s).

  6. Neil

    Sweet…Getting better all the time!