Launching Zoho Books Student Edition: Get a head start in your accounting career

Hey, we've got news, and it is big! We are super excited to share the launch of Zoho Books Student Edition in India. The best part? You can access this edition free for one year! We are thrilled to provide students with the opportunity to experience the power of Zoho Books and gain hands-on experience in cloud accounting and finance management.

Students can explore the accounting software with one year of free access to get familiar with cloud accounting even before they complete their education. This early exposure to modern accounting empowers and motivates aspiring accountants to begin their practice or business confidently. If you are a student, we'd love for you to try this edition and share your experience with us!

Zoho Books Student Edition was launched at the annual conference of EICASA (Eastern India Chartered Accountants Students Association), Kolkata, India on June 24, 2023. The event brought together over 2,500 aspiring CA students, renowned industry influencers, and esteemed finance professionals. The introduction of Zoho Books Student Edition aims to empower and support students on their journey to becoming successful Chartered Accountants. We are thrilled to provide this valuable resource to the next generation of finance professionals.

Get started with Zoho Books Student Edition in no time!

The user-friendly and intuitive layout of the accounting software for students makes it easy to get started. Learn to maintain books on the cloud accounting app by yourself. You can investigate the functionalities by creating a mock organization and simulating transactions that finance professionals, accountants, or businesses do on a day-to-day basis.

Set up your chart of accounts with the accounts receivable and accounts payable features, add mock customers, clients, and vendors, do bank reconciliation, manage projects, record expenses, note bills received and payments made, create beautiful tax-compliant invoices, and more. Use Zoho Books Student Edition to visualize and practically apply what you learned in classrooms or from your textbooks.

Take your basic accounting education to new heights with Zoho Books.

Make accounting simple. Make finance management a pleasure.

Managing books, maintaining journals, achieving tax compliance, and implementing this for businesses is always an easy task, but it's what our cloud accounting software does best. Zoho Books offers an intuitive user experience with simplicity in mind while still remaining future-proof.

We’d love for you to try it out first-hand.

Here are some of the features you can enjoy in Zoho Books Student Edition.

Mobile app: Try accounting on the go using your Android or iPhone device. You can see what it's like to raise invoices, add new customers and vendors, record expenses and bills, or log time through your phone. Set up the default layout of your app’s opening screen to keep what you frequent front and center. There are endless options for you to explore!

Quick actions: With the platforms intuitive interface, you can set recurring expenses or invoices quickly, and convert a quote to a sales order or invoice. Take the pain out of recording order-to-cash processes and regular payments. These quick actions minimize margins of error and manual data entry to simplify accounting and boost productivity.

Project management: Create projects to keep track of time spent on various projects, and log time from anyplace to charge your mock customers accordingly.

Collaborative accounting: Share the work, share the joy. Explore how to invite multiple users with custom assigned roles and permissions. Learn how to give vendors and customers access to transactions related to them from the vendor and customer portals.

Insightful reports:Get useful information like profit and loss, cash flow reports, and more regarding the business on demand with Zoho Books. This feature can help you make informed business decisions once you start your own work in finance. You may also explore tax reports, including TDS and TCS summaries and other GST reports.

Reporting tags: Generate reports based on custom requirements with reporting tags. Get reports specific to region, cost center, or domain. Create and add reporting tags to contacts, items, quotes, invoices, bills, expenses, sales and purchase orders, and other documents and pull reports as required.

There are many more personalization and customization options available, so go ahead and explore everything modern cloud accounting has to offer!

Sign in to your Zoho Books Student Edition today!

Be a power user from Day One with the Zoho Books Training and Certification Program

Signing up for Zoho Books Student Edition and gaining one free year of access to the accounting software is the first step towards learning about the modern cloud accounting software.

To gain in-depth knowledge about Zoho Books and accounting, we strongly recommend you take the Zoho Books Training and Certification program, available in-person and online. It will be led by Zoho Books experts and CA professionals.

For the in-person sessions, Zoho Books has partnered with 25 institutions across major cities including Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Pune, Ahmedabad, and several cities in Kerala.

Being Zoho Books certified will not just enhance your app usage but your accounting skills and career prospects. When you take up the certification you will:

  • Get trained by experienced professionals, CAs, and experts in the field.

  • Learn efficient practices to manage finance, file GST returns, and more.

  • Explore automations and useful integrations with other apps both in and outside the Zoho ecosystem.

  • Open yourself up to career opportunities across our base of ever-growing Zoho Books users.

Take a leap in your accounting career by learning all about Zoho Books.


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