Simplifying payroll accounting with Zoho Books and KeyPay Integration (Australia & UK Edition)

We’re delighted to announce that you can now integrate Zoho Books with KeyPay, a cloud-based workforce management and payroll platform for Australia and UK! With this integration you can seamlessly account for all your payroll activities, like manual journaling and reporting.

KeyPay Integration with Zoho Books

Why integrate payroll with accounting?

Integrating your payroll and accounting software helps you simplify and automate the financial aspects of a pay run, like tax calculation, bank reconciliation, and journaling. It also helps you avoid errors, maintain systematic records, and stay updated on your financial health. In Australia and UK, it’s legally required for all businesses to perform a pay run when compensating their employees, so integrating Zoho Books with KeyPay helps you comply with these laws and simplify your payroll accounting, too.

You can use the Zoho Books – KeyPay integration to set locations, generate reports, and automate your journal entries. Let’s take a quick look at these features:

Reporting Tags for Locations

If you have employees in different locations, you can keep track of their pay runs and generate reports based on each location using the Reporting Tag feature in Zoho Books. Just set the locations in Zoho Books and map them in KeyPay. Once you have completed a pay run, you can view the reports in Zoho Books for each business location.

Automate Journal Entries

Keep track of all your payroll transactions in one place using this integration. View your pay period’s costs, including earnings, taxes, allowances, and reimbursements, with the right journals in Zoho Books. You’ll have to import all your journals from KeyPay to Zoho Books first. Then, every time you make a change in KeyPay, you’ll be able to easily initiate a sync for the data in Zoho Books. This will automatically delete the previous entry and replace it with the new one.

You can read more on how to set up the integration in our Zoho Books – KeyPay help document. We encourage you to give this integration a try and let us know what you think. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to us at, or leave a comment below.

If you haven’t tried Zoho Books yet, sign up for a free trial and explore the complete accounting software for your business.





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