Zoho Books says Hello to the UK

When we say Zoho Books is truly built for UK businesses, we aren’t kiddin’, mate!

We’re not talking mere language here. We know you favour your ’S’ over your ‘Z’, and you’ll rather organise than be organized. We’re talking about full-blown accounting software that truly understands the accounting needs of small businesses in the United Kingdom and helps business owners file their VAT returns with ease. Our UK customers can now sign up and experience the many benefits and customisations of Zoho Books UK Edition.

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While the rules of credit and debit are the same worldwide, it’s the tax laws, regulatory requirements and government policies that vary across countries. The UK edition of Zoho Books is a time-saver for business owners who previously had to rely on tedious and error-prone manual work to access and report VAT and reclaim it from HMRC.

1. Collect and record VAT on transactions
As you record your sales and purchase transactions, Zoho Books automatically calculates the VAT to be collected from your customers and also the VAT you can reclaim for the purchases you’ve made. A detailed breakdown of various rates is also available for the user to see right on the invoice or bill.

2. Send ‘HMRC’ compliant VAT invoices to customers
If you’re selling to a VAT registered customer in the EU, Zoho Books will show your customer’s VAT registration number on the invoice. With multi-currency invoicing, you can bill your EU customers in their respective currencies. Invoices in a foreign currency will also show the total VAT payable in GBP as per HMRC’s guidelines.

3. Track sales made to EU customers
All sales of goods and services by UK businesses to EU-based VAT registered businesses must be reported to the HMRC. With your accounting software, you just might be out of luck. But, put in Zoho Books, and you’ll simply need to run the EC Sales List report to generate your HMRC-ready report.

4. Accept online payment from customers
There’s no joy like getting paid instantly. Invite customers to your client portal to view their invoices and allow them to make online payments immediately using PayPal, WorldPay, Authorize.Net, Stripe or any other payment gateway. Your customers can even make partial payments in Zoho Books.

5. Automatically import bank transactions
With Bank Feeds, bookkeepers and business owners can connect to popular banks like HSBC UK, Barclays UK, Natwest to reduce data entry.

6. Generate VAT returns with ease
Your transactions in Zoho Books will instantly generate the VAT returns, along with total VAT payable information. Invite your accountant to Zoho Books and have them review the report before you file it with HMRC. Zoho Books will keep a record of all your previous VAT returns and if you’ve missed out on filing a transaction, you can do it in the next return.

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7. Apply the new VAT rule for sale of digital services

If you’re selling digital services to a customer in the EU, Zoho Books has got you covered there as well! Zoho Books will automatically calculate the VAT due to the country at the time of sale. All you need to do is, run the MOSS report in Zoho Books to know how much you owe HMRC, which will make the part payment to the authorities concerned when you file your VAT MOSS.

There’s more to an accounting software than just invoicing or tracking expenses. Zoho Books UK Edition is about to change the way you do accounting for your business. You can read about all the UK Edition features here. Hope you’ll like them and your experience is ‘Just Brilliant!


10 Replies to Zoho Books says Hello to the UK

  1. I've been reviewing this on the trial as I already use Invoice and I found it very lacking on the Corporation Tax department. I wouldn't expect Books to generate a CT statement with precision as that's something I'd trust my accountants; however a rough pessimistic estimation of corporation tax is essential if Books is to be of any use for financial planning. Also, I couldn't find a way to get Books to understand flat rate VAT. Most small Ltds opt for flat rate VAT as it provides with a hassle free way to deal with VAT, as well as some savings. Need now: * Flat rate VAT * Rough Corporation Tax estimate * A way to enter salaries once per tax year per employee (instead of having to use "recurrent bills"). Need later: * HMRC integration to submit tax returns, and if bank supported, payment. * Generation of Corporation Tax and director statements I would gladly spend £50 a month on Books if it did these things, and did them well.

  2. Could you post a tutorial about how to migrate from Global to the UK edition please. I've heard it is rather difficult and messy but that may have changed now

  3. Hi Zoho, lets try this VAT Edition in other european countrys too!! Make the change of the currency possible and open the report for the taxreport to adress the needs of the local goverment!! All the things are in the VAT Edition what is absolutly needed for the rest of Europe... Please tell, when we can go to this long awaited edition!

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