7 tips to liven up your holiday email marketing [Infographic]

The holiday season gives email marketers a great opportunity to boost revenue using creative and customer-centric email campaigns. From running loyalty programs to showering customers with sales and discount coupons, the number of ways you can reach your existing and new customers are endless.

In fact, in my recent conversation with one of our customers, Ignacio Galarraga, the CEO of The NetMen Corp, he reiterated the importance of email marketing during the holiday season and what it takes to be successful.

 “The holiday season always brings joy and happiness and this must be reflected in all marketing materials you send. But before getting started on crafting the perfect emails, it’s important to get the basics right”

With that in mind, here are some useful tips to help you create and distribute successful holiday email marketing campaigns that are sure to make an impact.

 Holiday email marketing tips


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