Announcing Zoho Campaigns' integration with Zapier 

As a business owner, you’re probably using multiple applications to run your business. If so, you might find it difficult to toggle between them while working, which can interrupt your flow.

For example, if you update data on a spreadsheet, think about how much time it consumes to update the same information on your marketing mailing lists.  

Zoho Campaigns’ new integration with Zapier, a web-based integration platform, allows you to automate your various business workflows, simplifying the overall process.

What is Zapier? 

 Zapier is an IaaS (Integration as a Service) tool that lets you connect Campaigns with as many as 1,500+ day-to-day business applications. The trigger and action system of Zapier allows you to build automated workflows (Zaps) without any coding whatsoever.

By creating a Zap, you can link any number of actions you want. For example, when a new lead is generated through a Facebook Ad, you can add their details to a mailing list in Campaigns and also update a row on a spreadsheet.

How does the integration work? 

In a Zap, Campaigns can be associated either with a trigger or an action. Put simply, you can use a trigger to make data flow from Campaigns to other applications (and vice versa) where an action is performed.

The following are the trigger conditions and action definitions that Campaigns has:

Building a Zap

Let’s build a quick Zap. For our example, Zylker is a company that does a lot of trade shows to capture leads. For every show, they collect attendee details using web forms so they can nurture them using email marketing. As a next step, they use email validation software to ensure only valid contacts are added to Zoho Campaigns.

A multi-step Zap simplifies the whole process. The moment a form submission is done, Zapier instructs the email validation software to check whether or not the contact is valid. Next, one of Zapier’s built-in filters runs an if/else check to push only the valid contacts to Campaigns.  

Needless to say, the submission of a form is the trigger that leads to the following actions:

 1. Email address validation

2. Adding a contact in Campaigns

Note: You can either build a Zap from scratch or use the pre-built Zaps designed by us.

Getting started with Zapier 

Start creating your first Zap by visiting this page. Remember to share your experience with us in the comments below. New to Zoho Campaigns? Don’t worry! You can complete your signup here.


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