When Six Isn't Afraid of Seven

Exactly 6 years ago, a small team at Zoho decided to make a foray into the email marketing space, and set out to build an application from nothing. Looking back, it’s been quite an experience. In a little over half a decade, we’ve strived to understand, explore, experiment, and, most importantly, grow as a product.

If there was one thing we learned immediately, it was the importance of feedback. Over countless days and late nights, we honed and crafted every aspect of the application. Each support ticket became a feature request, every phone call another doodle on the drawing board. The result of this process is our most recent version, which is celebrating its own sixth-month anniversary. 

With a refreshing UI—in stark contrast to its predecessor—and dozens of feature additions and modifications, the new Zoho Campaigns has garnered praise for everything from its looks to its functionality.

One part of the product where this approach is clearly reflected is the reworked template editor, which has gone from being a frequently discussed topic on the support forums, to an indispensable and beloved part of Campaigns. With an intuitive drag-and-drop approach, the UI design team seems to have cracked the code to the simple presentation of this rather complex feature—put all the elements on the left, and put all the customization of these elements on the top.

The philosophy is clear—simplicity, comfort, and sophistication. Starting with the dashboard, all the way down to the smallest of elements, the new Campaigns wastes no time putting the previous version’s experience and wisdom to use, as the team continues to encourage comments from its users.

To put it simply—thank you. To everyone who’s been with us from the start, joined us along the way, or contributed in any manner, we wouldn’t be here without you. With all your honest feedback and your continued support, we’re looking forward to lucky number seven already.

As a celebratory gesture, we’re marking this occasion with another major addition. Zoho Campaigns is happy to introduce a brand-new pricing plan. Besides our existing free, subscriber-based, and pay-as-you-go plan, we now present you with an email-based option allowing you to customize your email marketing based on the number of emails you wish to send every month.

What do you think about the new UI, the template editor, or our subscription plan? Let us know in the comments.

(Psst! Join the six-year celebration by showing off your email crafting skills, and win a chance to be featured in our next blog! Learn more here.)


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