Work smarter with the completely redesigned Zoho Campaigns mobile app

If you manage your team’s email marketing activities, you know how often things can come up while you’re out of the office. This means being fully operational from your mobile device is key, whether you’re importing a list of contacts, simply sending out a campaign, or tracking campaign performance. Understanding this need has led us at Campaigns to making a ton of great improvements to our own mobile application.

In fact, we redesigned the app from the ground up so you can now go fully mobile with Campaigns. You can trust us to help you proactively reach out to the right people at the right time.

Now let’s walk through the nitty-gritty of our all-new pocket email marketing solution!

Hit the ground running with our templates

Tired of creating campaigns from scratch? We can help! You can use any of our professionally designed templates—whether you prefer a more simplistic or advanced looking design—and get straight to work.

If a stock image doesn’t quite fit what you’re looking for, swap it out for something else more personal, and customize your content the way you want it using the rich text editor toolbar.

Import contacts in more ways than one

Is your contact info stuck on your mobile device? Now you no longer need to go to your computer to import it. You can simply import your contacts straight from your mobile device to your Campaigns account.


More good news: If you’re an Android user, you can also use the business card-scanning option to add new contacts.

Complement your words with actions

Once your template is ready, the next steps are intuitively laid out for you to take charge of the entire campaign-sending process from start to end, right from your phone. So when your campaign has been reviewed, you can get it out the door on schedule, with an option now to pause a campaign midrun even when you’re out and about.

Not without our nifty dashboard

Our comprehensive dashboard allows you to see the effect of your campaigns as they go out. It gives you all the information and key metrics you need. You can view results from your efforts—like open, click, and bounce rates—to help you make adjustments and refine your campaigns to improve results.

A unique experience on iPads and tablets

We take our cross-platform appeal to the next level by making Campaigns a delight to use on iPads and tablets as well. You can get a real feel for what we’re talking about when you have two campaign reports open for comparison side by side on the flush split-screen view of your iPad. You can even carry out tasks simultaneously between Campaigns and other apps without compromising the usability of either one.

Additionally, the slide over feature allows you to have the Campaigns app waiting in the wings while you work in another app, and drag and drop can be used to move items to and fro. To make things even easier, we’ve gone ahead and made text input possible with the Apple Pencil. Scribble a few lines and see how well this feature is supported.

Make inclusivity the norm

We understand the importance of making email marketing accessible, so we’ve designed the app from the ground up with inclusion in mind. We’ve added features like voiceover, dynamic font size, and color filters to ensure a user-friendly experience for all our users, particularly those with low-vision needs.

Stay in the know with our widgets

Our widgets work essentially like a pinboard on your home screen, where you can place all the information you need to know about current and upcoming campaigns. When you’re on the go, you don’t have to open up the app to get this information—everything is available at a glance.

Spotlight Search and Siri Shortcuts

You can create custom phrases to call up specific campaign reports using Siri. Plus, these reports are accessible directly from the lock screen. However, when you need to find an email campaign or a list, you can use Spotlight Search and In-app search to quickly find the Campaigns-related information you’re looking for using your search bar.

Easy navigation is the rule of thumb

When it comes to navigating the Campaigns app, we have one rule: make it easy. Our creators have made sure that using your touchscreen to perform complex marketing tasks on the app is comfortable and convenient.

Make the app your own

In Campaigns, there’s a lot going on under the hood! With just a few taps in the Settings tab, you can toggle between light and dark modes, give the app icon a color theme that matches your personality, and assign custom Quick Actions for your home screen icon—allowing you to have a little fun while being productive!

Protect your privacy by taking control of your data access

We’ve made it our top priority to give you control over your data. For example, you can set up a unique passcode for the Campaigns app. Moreover, you can go to your App Settings and take full control of your data by enabling and disabling what details to share with others.

The latest iteration of the Zoho Campaigns app has delivered an indispensable email marketing assistant to the palm of your hand. So, if you aren’t already using our mobile app, now is the perfect time!

 What are you waiting for? Download the app from the App Store or Play Store right away!


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