Celebrating 10 years of Zoho Campaigns

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Anniversaries are special; they remind you to relive your journey and appreciate everyone who’s been a part of it. When we look back at the journey of Zoho Campaigns, it brings back a lot of memories—our first-ever signups, whiteboard discussions, feature releases, user meetups, and more.

What’s even more gratifying is the fact that we were able to play a small role in hundreds and thousands of businesses’ email marketing campaigns.

Thank you for trusting us in these 10 years—it has kept us ticking.

At Zoho Campaigns, we strive for what email marketing stands for: building long-lasting relationships with customers. This philosophy has always been at the heart of receiving both positive and negative feedback from our customers. That’s why it’s very heartening to see customers stay with us for an extended period of time, such as One Million by One Million—a business that’s been using Campaigns since 2012.


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Building a loyal customer base also depends on having strong customer support. While we’ve always invested a lot in our customer support teams, we’d also like to thank all our partners who have supported our customers in their journey. Your enthusiasm for learning the product, your participation in forum discussions and webinars, the use cases and feedback you’ve shared, and more—it all means a lot. We’ll continue our cooperation at every stage of your work.


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In the past 10 years, we’ve seen the dynamics of email marketing change, so much so that we sat with some of Zoho’s seasoned campaigners and discussed the past, present, and future of both email marketing and the product. We hope you’ll find interesting takeaways from it.



Now, we can almost hear you asking, “Are there any exciting updates as part of the anniversary?” While the answer is yes, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to learn what’s in store. We’ll unveil them in a separate post here. Stay tuned until then.

 Happy campaigning!



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