Automate your routine tasks using Zoho Cliq

Engaging in repetitive tasks can mentally drain you and affect your productivity. Let's say you conduct a weekly meeting every Monday. Instead of manually scheduling a meeting every week, you can just automate it. This enables you to focus on creative aspects of your work.

With Cliq, you can automate your routine tasks to increase your efficiency and save time. Let's look at the Cliq features that you can incorporate into your day-to-day work.


Using schedulers, you can effortlessly juggle the chaos of tasks so that no responsibility slips through the cracks. Easily set a scheduler that will keep everyone on track.

One of the advantages of Cliq is that you can bring in data from other applications and create a related scheduler. For instance, if you want to post monthly reports from Zoho Analytics to Cliq, you can use schedulers to post reports to a channel every month on a specific date and time. The daily grind is transformed into a well-choreographed dance where performance and productivity take center stage when Cliq's schedulers are by your side.


Bots are companions that do your work for you. With Cliq, you can subscribe to bots created by others or you can create your own bot to perform specific tasks.
Let's say you have installed the ChatGPT extension for Cliq. You ask the ChatGPT bot anything and get swift responses instantly without leaving the Cliq app. It can also perform action on your behalf and notify you about events.


Reminders in Cliq are like friendly messengers that pop up at the right time to ensure you don't forget important tasks and deadlines. You can also remind others of tasks that need to be completed, guaranteeing you and your team members meet the milestone without delay.
Whether it is an important client meeting, an upcoming project deadline or your colleague's birthday, reminders will diligently keep you updated and foster a culture of punctuality and efficiency within teams.

Calendar recurring events 

Manually creating the same meeting every time is a thing of the past. You can schedule your recurring events using the calendar in Cliq.
But it doesn't end there. With the available recurring options you can customize the pattern of repetition be it daily, weekly, monthly, or even specific days of the week. Avoid the hassle of creating events and embrace the flexibility of Zoho Cliq's recurring events feature.

With Cliq, your workplace becomes a hub of productivity that enables you to do more tasks in less time. So bid adieu to the monotony of manual processes and say hello to Zoho Cliq, your companion in automating repetitive work so you can focus on what you do best.


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