Cliq for iPad: Transform the way you stay connected with your team

The iPad is an increasingly popular tool for all kinds of workplaces, so it’s only fair that you get the best of your workplace communication right inside the iPad. That's why the Cliq team is excited to introduce the new Zoho Cliq app for iPad.

With the constant change in workforce demographics, internal communications are proven to be a must for optimal scaling and growth. That’s why we at Cliq decided it’s high time to make your team communications accessible on the iPad as well. Zoho Cliq now boasts a beautiful and native iPad experience.

The new Cliq experience sits perfectly between the mobile and laptop, with all the core functionalities. You can get on quick calls, use bots to approve projects and assign tasks, check your starred messages for important notes, schedule meetings, set reminders, and more.

Multitask your way through 

How does this play out in real life? Say you're organizing the upcoming designer meetup to be held in your office, and you're discussing specifics with your team well after your office hours. You settle down comfortably to work from home with your iPad. Right now the discussion is on goodies to be distributed at the event and the budget for it. You fire up your browser parallel to Cliq and check the dealers as your colleagues list them out. You quickly go through the catalogs and reviews, decide on two dealers to contact for quotes, and share them in the chat.

By now it's time for your favorite match. Now that you've helped out with the major decisions of the arrangements, you simply close the browser and start watching your match, keeping an eye out on your chats in the side to see the finer details your colleagues are discussing. Who said work always has to be serious?

This is just one example of how convenient it is to stay in touch with your team conversations any time of the day, and also go about your usual activities at the same time.

The age-old drag and drop never gets old

Drag and drop is a feature that never goes out of style. Instead, it keeps getting better and better. Thanks to the iOS 11 update introducing drag and drop in iPad, you can now seamlessly share context between apps. Just pinch the file, image, or video, then navigate to Cliq, and drop it in the chat to share it. It is now that easy to share files instead of the usual dialogue boxes!

Pro Tip: You can also drag and drop files between chats. Just pinch and drag the file, tap and open the chat from the list, and drop it inside.

Get Cliq in your iPad now!

Along with this iPad app release, I also have few hacks for power users of Cliq which come in handy when on the move:

Focus, scan, send

You're finishing up a late-night meeting with a new branch office halfway across the world from the comfort of your couch, and you realize you need to scan some files. Shoot, you've got no scanner! Well in that case, just pick up your iPhone, open the Cliq conversation, tap on Attach icon > Doc Scanner, then focus and scan the file, and send it off!

Be reminded!

You can set reminders in iOS and Android apps to not miss out on any tasks. Say you’ve decided to take a look at the security architecture layout at around 5pm. Now instead of filing it in your mind and missing it among the other work you have, you can simply make Cliq remember it for you by setting it as a reminder. At the set time, the in-house Taz bot will remind you to take a look at the security architecture layout.

Shortcuts—a lifesaver

True to our mobile phrase "Communicate on the go" you can access Cliq actions on the go from the home screen by a long tap on the Cliq icon. This works for both iOS and Android. You can start a search, change your status, turn on DND mode (we know how important it is to set your app to DND during a meeting), and direct message your contacts. All the listed shortcuts are hand-picked to help you use Cliq easily, from the comfort of your home screen!

One added advantage in iOS are the Widgets: Pinned Chats and Recent Conversations. You can always swipe left from your home screen and check out the latest updates in your conversations. And, if you have enabled Passcode Lock for Cliq, then your data stays protected even in widgets!

And that’s a roundup of all things Cliq mobile! I hope you enjoy the new minimalist iPad app and try out the power hacks and tricks that I’ve shared with you. Until next time!


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