Easily find your way around in Cliq with the all new navigation sidebar

One key factor that we look for when working with any online software is how easy it is to use. To continue making your Cliq experience more efficient, we've put together a completely new navigation sidebar for Cliq.

The updated navigation sidebar serves as a hub i.e. everything that you need to collaborate and communicate effectively in your workspace is readily accessible from one place.

Unlike the old navigation sidebar which presents all the sections under one continual long view where you have to keep scrolling endlessly, the updated one is more organized and comes with separate sections for easy access.

Let's explore and take a comprehensive look at the new navigation sidebar.

Streamlined existing views 

1. All your conversations organized and put together

  • You can view and access all your recent, pinned, and muted conversations under the Chats section. Now you also get to modify the listed order of your pinned chats based on priority.
  • You can also engage right away with all your contacts and bots and channels from the respective sections.

(Note: the Bots section can also be configured as a separate module.)

  • Want to search for and locate a particular channel instantly? That's also possible now with the updated navigation sidebar.

For instance, say you're looking for the channel #zylker-announcements to post an important message. Instead of scrolling down and down in the channels section now using the search bar on top of the channels section, you can easily search and locate that particular channel in a flash.

  • All your widgets in one place: The widgets section serves as a dedicated space to view and engage with all your everyday apps for easy access.

New additions to the navigation sidebar 

1. Stay on top of your call logs

Now you can keep track of all your calls, broadcast sessions, and conversations using the History section. One crucial added value here is that all your missed calls will be available and notified here separately.

While going through your history, you may want to quickly invoke a call that you've missed, engage in any particular chat or connect in a group call, and so on. In such cases, using the relevant action button in each section you can start a direct call or a group call, open a new chat conversation, or start a broadcast—all directly from the History tab.

2. A central hub to locate your files

Now you needn't sit and switch conversations to search and look for files that are shared with you/ by you. You can access all the files shared in your Cliq conversations in the Files section.

Making it further easy for you, all the shared files are more organized and are listed under four categories: Images, Videos, Audio, and Files.

That's not it, you can also forward your files or perform any action on the file that you could do in a chat right from this section.

One critical addition is the files section comes with an OCR-based search bar i.e you can search using not just the file name but also using any text in the images shared.

Say for instance if you want to search for the image which has the text 'zoholics'. Just typing this text will help you pull out the image instantly.

3.Unified directory to discover people across the org

Now with the new navigation sidebar, you needn't switch tab to Zoho People to look for a user or your department member.

The People section equips you with the list of all your org users, your department members, and your direct reports.

You can also perform certain actions like making an audio/video call or starting a chat conversation from this section.

Customize your navigation sidebar view 

Are you one of the users who prefer to work with the old navigation sidebar layout? Then the Consolidated view will be the best choice. Under this view, you'll get all your active notifications under the Chats module in the My Pins, Conversations, and Muted Conversations sections.

In the Categorized View (the name says it all), you'll get all your active notifications under specific tabs.

Configure your navigation sidebar's layout

We've not only revamped Cliq's navigation sidebar but also have updated the sidebar settings!

Now you can decide upon what modules you want in your navigation sidebar and sort them to your specifications using the drag and drop interface.

To configure your settings, click on the profile picture and select Profile & Settings. This will take you to the Personalize tab, where you can find navigation sidebar settings under the General category.

Using the drag and drop interface, you can rearrange modules or hide certain modules to configure your navigation sidebar the way you want. You can also configure Bots as a separate module or as a section under the Contacts module.

Every organization is unique and may not need all the modules to be listed in the navigation sidebar. If you feel that a particular module is not needed now, you can simply hide that module from the sidebar.

We hope this new update improves your Cliq experience even more! Explore our newly revamped navigation sidebar and share your feedback with us in the comments section below.


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