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Let's talk about making life easy. Nobody wants to spend half their day trying to locate past messages, and in this fast paced world, people want options that will help save time and maximize productivity.

If you've been using Zoho Cliq for your business communication, you're likely using it every workday. Whether you're trying to locate past messages, shared files, or a user in your organization, Zoho Cliq's search bar can save you a lot of time and frustration.

Let's take a look at some possible examples of how you can use Cliq's search feature.

Use a keyword to start your search

All you need is the first few letters of what you want to locate and Cliq's search bar will find it for you. It can be a channel you had a conversation in, a user you want to start a conversation with, or a bot you want to subscribe to; you can enter a keyword or even just the first few letters in the search bar to get your results.


Pull messages from a particular period

Did you forget the details of a team discussion that happened a month ago and want to go back to re-read the messages? More often than not, we spend too much time scrolling through conversations to get the information we're looking for. Skip scrolling now and use the date search filters in Cliq's search bar to get messages from specific dates.


Click the on: a date filter in search and pick the date as July 3, 2021 from the date picker. The search result will list all the conversations that happened on July 3, 2021.


Search for messages sent by specific colleagues

Are you someone who coordinates with a lot of people over chat? You probably see a great inflow of messages during your work week. If you want to go back to find chats with specific colleagues, you can use the from:@user or to:@user filters in the search bar. This will list messages sent by the specified colleague or to the colleague across all conversations, including groups and channels.


Quickly locate files using file type or content

In addition to messaging and audio/visual calls, Zoho Cliq is often used for file sharing. Sometimes files get lost in a sea of messages, but there's an easy way for you to locate any files you've sent or received. Use the search filter to find files of specific types, like .doc, .png, .jpeg, or .gif. Another helpful part about Zoho Cliq's search function is that it uses object detection and optical character recognition (OCR) to scan the content of images and PDFs, allowing you to search for a file using keywords from its content.

Here's a simple example of how OCR search works in Cliq:

Let's say you want to locate a screenshot containing the rough draft of a webinar registration email that was shared with you earlier.

Use the filehas: filecontent filter, followed by "webinar register". The search result with hand you the image you were looking for.


With Cliq's search also supporting object detection, if you are trying to locate an image containting an apple, you can use the filehas: filecontent filter, followed by "apple" to get the exact result.


Don't miss out on shared links

Just like messages and files, you can also track down links that were shared with you in Zoho Cliq. If you remember any keyword from the link or if you have any idea about what the link is, finding the right link is easy. Just use the linkhas: linkdetail filter in the search function to locate your link.


Combine filters for refined search

Use two or more filters in one search to narrow down your search results and find what you need faster.

Here's an example:

Scott wants to locate the sales pitch file Rufus had sent him in March. So, Scott uses the search filters from: @Rufus William, on: march, filenamehas: sales pitch combined to locate the file. This narrows down the search to the exact file without having to go all over the place.


Quickly search from inside your chat

If you need to find something within your ongoing conversation, you can use the search option inside the chat window to initiate the search.


Reach out to your frequent contacts in a click

Zoho Cliq's search also shows you a list of all the contacts you recently messaged under Frequent Contacts. You can also strike up an instant conversation with your colleague directly from the sidebar.


Get an overview of your recent searches

Did you just happen to search for a user a few minutes ago and want to go back to the search result? Cliq's search bar stores your latest searches and applied filters under Recent Searches.

The universal search approach

Want to open a ticket that was raised in Zoho Desk, check your inbox in Zoho Mail, or track a lead in Zoho CRM? You can do it all directly from Zoho Cliq. Cliq's search is integrated with the search function across all Zoho products. So, if you are someone who uses other Zoho apps, you can access your data across all Zoho applications through this universal search feature.


In a recent article featured on Forbes, our user Selva Pandian from DemandBlue shares his love for Zoho Cliq's search.

Internally, we use Zoho’s product Cliq for messaging and collaboration. The feature I love the most is its search feature, which not only searches within the messaging app but across the various Zoho products we use.

- Selva Pandian, DemandBlue

Do you love the search bar in Cliq as well? Give us a shoutout on Twitter and tell us your favorite part about our search. Also, stay tuned to our Twitter and community posts for more updates on what's new and upcoming with Zoho Cliq.

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