IFTTT for Cliq: Automate your tasks and focus on what matters

IFTTT integration for Zoho Cliq

Increase your work pace and get more done by simplifying and automating your routine tasks with the IFTTT integration for Cliq.

IFTTT works on the conditional statement "if this, then that" to connect various applications or services together.

This integration helps you stay on top of new tweets from any specific user, tasks created in Todoist, your upcoming Zoom events, new responses to your survey on SurveyMonkey, new items added to an RSS feed, your Google calendar events, and a lot more.

With the "if this, then that" statement, we have created 10+ applets for Cliq to help pull all updates from connected services right into your Cliq conversations.

Here are a few of the applets that come with the IFTTT integration for Cliq:

IFTTT Applets for Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq and Twitter   

Want to track tweets from a specific user? Then this applet, "Stay on top of a specific user's Tweets", will promptly notify you in a Cliq when that particular user tweets.

Zoho Cliq and Zoom   

Meetings are vitally important, especially in today's scenario of remote and hybrid working. The "Remind yourself when a Zoom meeting starts" applet will push notification to Cliq when you've got a Zoom meeting to attend, ensuring you don't miss it.

Zoho Cliq and Mailchimp  

As the name suggests, the applet "Get a notification when your MailChimp campaign has been sent" will prompt you with a notification in Cliq when your MailChimp campaign has been sent successfully.

And that's not all! Visit the IFTTT for Zoho Cliq page to explore the numerous applets available to help simplify your daily tasks and pull updates right inside Cliq.

Want to learn more about using IFTTT for Cliq? Here's the link to our help documentation to assist you in getting started.


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