Hurdles that companies face with internal communication and how to deal with them

The success of any organization depends largely on how well its employees work together. Even if a business is working on a billion-dollar idea, it can still go under if its employees don't properly communicate. Strong internal communication leads to higher morale, and it ensures all organization members are on the same page. 

Methods of internal communication

The way people within an organization communicate with each other has evolved throughout recent history. Colleagues have gone from relying on word of mouth and pen and paper communication to online and digital exchanges. Digital data is easier to manage, and most of today's companies rely on it for quick and reliable internal communication.

The rise of internal communication software

As more organizations reaped the benefits of communicating digitally, they also encountered corresponding issues. When they shared sensitive company information over unsecured communication services, they found themselves open to cyberattacks. They also didn't have a lot of options when it came to useful business communication features. This paved the way for dedicated internal communication software, which has better security and focuses on making business communication more efficient.

With most employees working from home over the pandemic, the need for internal communication software skyrocketed. Many companies had no choice but to use dedicated internal communication software to run their organization remotely. Organizations continue to use this software, as it provides them with flexibility and supports the hybrid work model.

Challenges of internal communication

Organizations face common communication challenges, and many of them can be solved with the right internal communication software. Here are a handful of examples:

  • Software choice: Smaller businesses with a low number of employees usually rely on consumer chat apps like WhatsApp for their internal communication. While this can get the job done at a basic level, these apps do not provide advanced communication tools that can be beneficial in company management. They also do not provide additional security in protecting sensitive company information from outsider access.

  • Geolocation: The biggest challenge most companies have faced over the past couple of years is ensuring that employees can interact and work together remotely.

  • Lack of interdepartmental communication: Large organizations have multiple departments, and in most cases, these departments function in their own bubbles. This lack of interaction creates a boundary between different teams and makes it so that employees don't know about other colleagues at the same organization.

  • Misinterpretation: Most internal communication happens through online chat because it's simple and time efficient. But this kind of communication is notorious for being easily misinterpreted. This is mainly because the receiver assumes the tone of the message, whether or not it was intended by the sender.

  • Language barrier: Most organizations now employ people from around the world, and language barriers can pose a problem. In some cases, communication between members is almost impossible without a translator.

  • Budget: Smaller organizations usually don't have the budget to pay for expensive internal communication tools.

  • Lack of engagement: Remote work means most employees don't get to interact with each other as much as they would when working together under the same roof. This deteriorates interpersonal office relationships, which can impact overall productivity.

The solution

Most of the challenges mentioned above are easily addressed by many internal communication tools available on the market today. But not every tool addresses all the challenges in one go. Luckily, we at Zoho Cliq have worked hard to craft a platform that solves the most common business communication problems.

Here's why Zoho Cliq is a cut above the rest:

  • It's dedicated internal communication software that provides high-level data security and organization management tools.

  • Users can create custom tools using Cliq's platform components, without setting up their own server.

  • Its Remote Work feature enables remote employees to log in to work with the click of a button.

  • The built-in AI assistant, Zia, automatically recognizes text in other languages and translates it.

  • It's easy to find organization members using the search button on the top of the Cliq home screen.

  • Cliq supports attachments, whiteboards, emojis, and GIFs to help users communicate accurately and effectively.

  • The price to performance ratio is unmatched when compared to top competitors. There are also various pricing plans that fit the budget for teams of all sizes.

  • It offers a game extension through Zoho Marketplace, so teams can get to know each other over fun games.

If you're looking for an excellent internal communication tool, try Zoho Cliq! 


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