Introducing Zoho Cliq 3.0: Your complete collaboration platform for hybrid work


The future of work is here! As much of the business world is going hybrid, we here at Cliq thought it was time for some upgrades. Bringing your entire team together and communicating effectively while working in a hybrid environment can be challenging, but with the right tools, any team can be just as productive and connected as those based in the office.

Introducing the latest version of Zoho Cliq (3.0): the complete collaboration platform you'll need for your hybrid work model. For this new style of work, we've updated Cliq with a set of tools that will help you level up communication and collaboration whether you're in the office or at home.

A new look for audio and video calls

Your experience with audio and video calls in Cliq will be better than ever.

Record your calls and meetings for future use

Did your teammate miss your weekly meeting and do you want to pass along important information discussed on the call? With this exciting update, you can record your audio and video meetings, share them with your colleagues, and revisit the recordings whenever you need.

call recording in cliq

Host audio conferences for a wider audience

Audio conferencing is an efficient way to connect people across locations. With this update, we've expanded the number of possible participants in a single audio conference to up to 1000 participants—four times the number of call participants offered by our competitors. You can also stream the meeting to 10,000 viewers in the stage view.


Try out the new grid view in video meetings

You can now switch between two different views while on video calls with your teammates. In addition to the stage view, which shows only seven participants on the stage, grid view displays screens of all participants as multiple grids with the speaker’s video highlighted during the call.


Let other teammates co-host meetings with you

It is always better to have an extra set of hands while hosting meetings online. You can now add co-hosts while scheduling meetings or you can make a participant as a host during the meeting.


One of the tricky things about large meetings is there's often someone who forgot to mute themselves adding background noise to your online meetings. With this new update, your meeting hosts and co-hosts can simply mute and unmute all meeting participants whenever required.

Collaborate on ideas in real-time using the all-new Whiteboard

Do you miss your conference room and the flexibility of having a whiteboard to work out all your ideas? Use the all-new virtual Whiteboard in Zoho Cliq to support your real-time brainstorming discussions.


With Zoho Cliq's new Whiteboard feature, you can: 

  • Create multiple whiteboards for collaboration while on a call

  • Choose co-hosts, panelists, and attendees for the whiteboard discussion and give them collaborating permissions accordingly

  • Share your whiteboard over chat or save it as an image.

You can learn more about the new Whiteboard feature in Zoho Cliq here.

Other fun addition to your meetings

No more messy backgrounds in your video calls. Make use of Cliq's new background effects and video filters for your meetings. In addition to this, we have added other fun elements like gestures, reactions, and GIFs to our video meetings for you to increase participant engagement. 

Even more integrations to make your hybrid work process better

Request leave in Zoho People

You can now apply for leave from the Remote Work tab in Zoho Cliq. This will create a leave request record in Zoho People.


In addition to the Zoho People integration, we are introducing three new integrations in Cliq for more efficient collaboration in your hybrid office.

Manage your projects inside Zoho Cliq

Tracking and managing your tasks from a single interface is now possible with the Zoho Projects-Zoho Cliq integration. You can access all your tasks and issues from the Projects tab.


Access all your notes from Zoho Notebooks

The Zoho Notebook-Zoho Cliq integration lets you view and edit all your notebooks from inside Cliq. You can also take quick notes while attending meetings in Cliq, which will also be available under the Notes tab.


Schedule events and meetings across calendars

You can now view all your Zoho calendars and schedule meetings under the Calendar section inside Zoho Cliq.


And that's not it!

The hybrid work model is meant to offer better organization, less burnout, effective communication, and more fun. To help your hybrid teams reap the benefits of this unique model, we've added more features to help fine-tune your organization's hybrid work style.

Keep your favorite chats organized

With this new update, you now have the option to pin your favorite chats and can even categorize all your pinned chats into different folders for better organization.


Video messages are the way to go

Sometimes, a meeting could have just been an email. To avoid allowing audio and video meetings to consume a major portion of your organization's work hours, you can now reduce meetings and limit your conversations by recording and sending video messages through chat. You can also record your screen and send it as a message. 


More actions and reactions

Do you frequently use the same smiley face or the thumbs up emoji to react to messages? Set up your favorite three emojis or Zomoji reactions as quick reactions. 


Enjoy a complete Cliq experience on your mobile

Whether you're using Cliq from your laptop or your mobile phone, your experience will be seamless. We've made some significant changes to the mobile app to make your Cliq calls as smooth as on the Cliq web app. Update your Cliq mobile app now to enjoy more efficient calls and chats, even while you are on the move. 

We’d love to hear your feedback about our recent update!. Try out our latest features and let us know what you think in the comments below or email us at Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter for future announcements and updates.


6 Replies to Introducing Zoho Cliq 3.0: Your complete collaboration platform for hybrid work

  1. Wow! Zoho has listened closely to what their users need. Great job!!! :-) Your features are really helpful. I like the video enhancement and integration of Notes and Kalendar. The live video is fun. I could not find the integration of TASKS. The integration of tasks from Zoho Mail would be very helpful. Keep on your great work. George.

    1. Hi George, Thank you so much for your kind words. We are happy that you are able to make the most of Zoho Cliq. To address your doubts regarding the Tasks integration, you need to be on the paid plan to view the "Projects" module and integrate Zoho Projects with Zoho Cliq.

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