Zoho Cliq conference rooms solution - A new way to conduct hybrid meetings

The pandemic brought about a new era of hybrid meetings, which is here to stay. According to a recent Forbes study, 98% of workers want to work remotely at least some of the time. By 2025, it is projected that a staggering 32.6 million Americans will be working remotely. This shift is not just limited to employees, as 93% of employers plan to continue conducting job interviews remotely.

A new concept: hybrid meetings

A recent McKinsey survey found that on average, in-office attendance in metropolitan areas is down by around 30%. The adoption of a combination of remote and on-site work has dramatically changed how we meet, introducing the era of hybrid meetings.

Advantages of hybrid meetings

The most significant advantage of hybrid meetings is the improved accessibility and inclusivity. They leverage creative technology to expand the audience base, provide the flexibility to re-watch presentations and get valuable analytics, enable cost-effective meeting collaboration, and more. Plus, they can aid companies in their efforts to be more eco-friendly.

Why traditional meetings fall short

While many employees have slowly returned to the office, some still prefer the flexibility of working from home. This opens up a whole new layer of complexity; even if people want to work from the office, they still have to participate in online meetings because of their remote colleagues. If they do get together in a digital meeting room, microphone feedback, poor network connection, and other technical issues can render the meeting useless. 

Introducing Cliq's solution for hybrid meetings: Cliq Rooms

Zoho Cliq has addressed the challenges posed by hybrid meetings with a tailored solution called Cliq Rooms. In Cliq Rooms, those in the physical office can convene for a traditional, face-to-face meeting within a dedicated room. Simultaneously, remote workers can join the meeting through a large television screen that's set up in the same room. This configuration offers numerous advantages. All office attendees participate in the meeting using a single device, the TV, effectively eliminating the audio feedback often encountered when two individuals speak in close proximity during an online meeting.

Every organization has dedicated meeting rooms. Cliq Rooms leverages these existing physical spaces and transforms them into digital hubs. All these rooms will be equipped with a TV and a camera. A digital map of these rooms is made available on Cliq Rooms, making it easy for anyone to book a room for a meeting. This will allow others to see if a room is booked during their particular slot and easily avoid scheduling conflicts. When booked, the TV in the room will display the meeting title and its participants, so when anyone enters, they will know whose meeting it is and what it is about. The meeting organizer can come in and seamlessly initiate the meeting by authorizing their account on the TV.

Hybrid meetings have always been the ideal answer for today's remote work problems, as they offer several benefits over traditional in-person and virtual meetings. They are not an idea anymore as we at Zoho have a solution, Cliq Rooms. You can try out our solution soon, as we will be releasing it as part of our Cliq 5.0 major release. 


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