Personalize your Zoho Cliq experience for maximum efficiency

 “Digital personalizations are no longer merely an option. They’re a necessity.”

— Jim Cramer, Host of CNBC’s Mad Money 

The one-size-fits-all approach rarely works when it comes to business technology. Personalization can lead to a greater overall user experience, especially when it comes to software features and interface setup.

Unified communication software, such as Zoho Cliq, is a crucial element of workspace collaboration. Members at almost every organization use this type of software to connect with colleagues and automate workflows. This enables them to get more done and be more efficient.  

It would be frustrating if your unified communication software lacked personalization options. Fortunately, Cliq enables you to tailor its functionalities to your needs. Here are a few specific customization capabilities Cliq offers to enhance your user experience.

1.  User interface (UI) customizations    

The look and feel of software is fundamental when it comes to personalization.

Let's start with the available display and other basic personalization settings. Everything can be done from one place, from selecting the theme color to deciding the apps that should be placed in the navigation sidebar. 

Themes and font: Personalize the aesthetics of the UI by selecting the preferred color, appearance, and layout.

Navigation sidebar: A critical space on the Cliq homepage, you can access almost any module from the navigation sidebar. Configure it with your frequently used apps to ensure that all critical modules are accessible with just a click.

Chat window: Open multiple chats and view different conversations simultaneously. This is especially useful if you need to reference information or keep up with responses from multiple people at once.

Quick emojis: At times, quickly reacting to a message with an emoji is better than sending a written response. You can configure a set of emojis you frequently use for quick access.

Custom emojis and stickers: Your own emojis and stickers can bring a new dimension to team communication. Whether it's expressing camaraderie, celebrating milestones, or adding a dash of humor, custom emojis and stickers allow you to tailor your chat experience. Effective online communication isn't just about using the right words; it's about conveying emotions, fostering a sense of community, and making your team conversations uniquely yours.

Date and time formats: In a globally distributed organization, customizing date and time formats becomes a critical feature for seamless communication. Zoho Cliq empowers users to personalize their experience by choosing formats that align with their local preferences. This flexibility ensures that teams across various time zones can effortlessly coordinate, schedule, and collaborate without the confusion of mismatched time representations.

Apart from this, you also get to enable or disable the timestamp for messages, select the message display view, and much more

Customizable interfaces increase accessibility, enhancing overall user satisfaction and fostering workspace engagement. This also promotes improved productivity, as users can organize functionalities according to their workflow, ultimately saving time.

2.   Security and privacy considerations

Read receipts, last-seen information, and link previews—these are the little things that matter when it comes to privacy and security at work. 

You can enable and disable all of the above as needed. For instance, say you take time to tend to messages after reading them; disabling read receipts may be a better option for you. Otherwise, your long pause might be misinterpreted as seen-zoning.

While link previews can enhance user experience by providing a quick preview of the shared link's content, there are scenarios where they can display sensitive data. If you'd like to disable previews for links from specific domains due to privacy concerns, you can customize that, too.

3. Enhanced meeting experience   

You can customize meeting preferences, such as audio and video settings, to meet your specific needs. This level of personalization ensures a seamless and comfortable meeting experience, allowing you to control aspects like camera and microphone settings.

For example, if you want to keep your video off while joining meetings, you can configure this in your settings. You can also set custom backgrounds for your meetings. Zoho Cliq's emphasis on personal configurations empowers you to optimize virtual interactions, fostering a more productive and personalized collaboration experience.

In addition to this, Zoho Cliq offers you the flexibility to fine-tune specific permissions for the meetings you host. As the host, you can decide who can share screens or presentations and access the grid view during meetings. You can also configure general settings, such as permitting external users to join, enabling reactions and gestures, providing chat access for guest users, choosing whether to generate meeting summaries and transcripts, and managing access to meeting recordings. This level of customization ensures that each meeting is tailored to your preferences, granting you comprehensive control over the virtual collaboration experience.

4. Customize workflows with internal tools

With Zoho Cliq's powerful developer platform, fueled by Deluge, you can create customized internal tools and applications. If you need to track and manage your team's work schedules, for example, you can simply build an application like "Shift Manager" and automate the entire process. The flexibility to build and integrate internal tools on the Cliq platform empowers you to create solutions that seamlessly fit into your daily operations.

5. Minor customizations that make a major impact

Aesthetic customizations in Cliq are also practical. If you prefer a softer, eye-friendly interface, you can opt for the Dark Mode option. This mode helps reduce eye strain and provides a visually soothing ambiance.

Take control of your work-life balance by personalizing your Cliq experience with the DND scheduling capability. It allows you to define specific times and days when you want uninterrupted focus. Whether you need a quiet morning for deep work or a DND day for personal commitments, Cliq's customization options help you minimize distractions and establish a healthier work environment.

You can also tailor your Cliq channel experience by configuring reply modes. For channels you manage, you can choose the reply mode that suits the group's communication style—sending normal responses, engaging in threaded discussions, or opting for more structured replies by enabling both.

6. Mobile customizations

Personalized bandwidth management and storage optimization: Take control of your bandwidth usage by configuring media auto-download settings. Choose when and how media files are downloaded to optimize data usage and enhance your experience. This configuration also helps customize the storage usage, preventing unnecessary clutter on your device.

Enhanced security: Add a layer of security by enabling a passcode lock for your Cliq mobile app.

Siri shortcuts for Cliq: Automate status updates, initiate new chats, access your unread chats list, and more with simple configurations for a tailored and efficient Cliq interaction.

Organize the navigation bar: Customize the tabs/apps in the navigation bar based on your preferences, ensuring quick access to your frequently used ones.

The customization capabilities in Cliq are vast, and we've touched on just a handful of them here. Stay tuned for part two, where we'll discuss customization capabilities for admins.


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