How Zoho Cliq helps protect communication and data in the digital age

Sensitive data, from private chats and credentials to critical corporate information, is exchanged through digital networks at an ever-rising rate. Protecting this information against cyberattacks and data breaches has become a primary responsibility, and implementing strong security measures is crucial. People and organizations must keep ahead of the game as cybercriminals continuously develop new strategies to attack weaknesses.

In this blog post, we will walk through the value of security in the digital age and the comprehensive solutions that a unified communication platform such as Zoho Cliq offers to safeguard sensitive data.

Standard data privacy measures and compliance  

1. Data protection and adherence to industry rules are critical for any software. Zoho Cliq ensures that user data is handled safely and per privacy laws by strictly adhering to data protection standards like the GDPR. Cliq also has other compliance certifications and memberships like HIPPA, SOC 2, and ISO/IEC 27001. These measures assure users that their information is secure.

2.Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is used to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts. It adds an additional layer of protection by requiring a mobile phone, fingerprint, or password. By enabling MFA, even if passwords are hacked, the chance of unauthorized persons accessing user accounts is reduced.

3. Secure communication channels offer protection against various attacks, such as phishing, malware, and other cyber attacks. Zoho Cliq ensures that messages and files remain confidential throughout transmission and at rest. This data encryption technology prevents unauthorized access, guaranteeing that only intended recipients can view the content. We on Cliq team cannot read any customer messages, as they are encrypted at rest.

4. Private chats are for instances at work where you want to have a salary-related conversation or share some sensitive information via chat. In such cases, you can turn off your chat history, and your messages won't be retained after you close the chat window.

"Data security has always been an important consideration for us, especially with all the digital threats out there. So it gives us peace of mind to know our data and our clients data is fully secure and encrypted." — Natasha Ellard, Co-owner and Managing Director, Urban Element 

Power of admins 

Controlling user access is vital for maintaining security. We believe that security and privacy is a shared responsibility between us and the customers. Zoho Cliq provides extensive admin controls that can be used to safeguard the organization's data.

Access controls Administrators may specify user roles and access permissions in Zoho Cliq, ensuring that users have the proper privileges depending on their designation. This fine-grained control reduces the possibility of unauthorized access to confidential information.

For instance, consider the case of a finance team's admin and members. Say the team admin created a channel and does not want the members to delete it or create a new team channel. In such cases, setting roles and configuring permissions accordingly comes in handy. The admin can reserve the ability to create or delete channels and disable access for members.  

Enterprise mobility management (EMM)

EMM integration helps manage all the mobile devices and applications in an organization. As an admin, you can monitor and manage mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, that are used within your organization. You can control access to specific applications, restrict downloads, and enforce application policies. Plus, secure sensitive content and data on mobile devices by encrypting them and restricting access to authorized users.

IP restrictions

You can also configure allowed IP addresses and restrict users from accessing Cliq from other IPs. By enabling IP restriction, you can prevent unauthorized access and reduce the risk of data breaches. 

Secure integrations 

It is a usual practice to integrate services and applications with the tool or software you use. Cliq has a marketplace with a wide range of integrations, both native and third-party. To promote safe data transmission across apps, Zoho Cliq emphasizes the security of these connections. By using this strategy, data security is maintained even while communicating with external systems.

When you integrate a new extension, you can permit extensions to access your data if required. You get to have control over what data can be used by the extension and what cannot be accessed.

Continuous enhancements 

With every new version of Cliq that comes out, especially with more upcoming AI features, data privacy and security is our top priority. Regular updates and enhancements help protect user data from emerging threats. We also encourage our customers to update the Cliq app when a new version is released in order to ensure that the latest security patches, bug fixes, privacy enhancements, and compatibility improvements are reflected.

Security measures 

If a breach or loss of data occurs despite all of these security and privacy measures, our first step is to ensure that our support team takes immediate action by working with the developers to stop the issue in its tracks. Then the team works on finding the root cause and resolving it. They also work in close contact with the customer to prevent such occurrences in the future.

In a nutshell 

As the digital landscape expands, ensuring communication and data security has become paramount. So it is your ultimate responsibility, as an admin or the owner of any business, to choose and deploy unified communications and collaboration software that places the utmost importance on security and privacy. A comprehensive set of security measures and procedures are available with Zoho Cliq to safeguard sensitive data. Explore more!


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