Introducing screen sharing, reminders, and more on Zoho Cliq

Productive communication is key for any growing business, and when your workspace is shared and collaborative, work gets done faster and more efficiently. As the way we interact with our teams evolves, we're improving Cliq to make sure your time at work is optimized for maximum productivity.

Raise the bar for team mobility with screen sharing

Initiate a screen sharing session to meet virtually with your colleague and collaborate in real time. Minimum interruption, guaranteed.

Once you start a screen sharing session, via Share screen, you can use the built-in audio functionality to collaborate with your colleague. You can also share your screen during a video call, and toggle between your video feed and the shared screen. This helps minimize your chances for miscommunication.

This new feature is available on both Firefox and Chrome browsers, although you'll need to install the Cliq plugin for Chrome. Go on, share your screen and workspace, and start making decisions faster. Learn how to get started with it here.

Stay on top of your schedule with reminders

Ever been in meetings where you and your team discuss several actionable items, only to miss out on a few, post your meeting? What if you could set a clear agenda to manage your team work processes?

With Cliq's all-new Reminders, you can set both personal and team reminders for upcoming events, projects, and tasks. Taz, Cliq's in-house personal assistant will send you reminder notifications, so you don't miss anything that's on your schedule.

What's more, you can use the Set reminder message action to set reminders for specific messages, documents, or images within your chat. You can also use the /remind command to set and assign reminders right from your chat window. Learn how to get started with reminders here.

But that's not all!

No good ever came from information in silos, which is why it's essential that the apps you use communicate with each other. In our previous blog post, we discussed how Cliq's platform is powered by automation and integration, so you can make the most of your workday. Let's take a look at a couple of Cliq's exciting new integrations:

Asana integration

Keep track of your team workflows with this Asana integration. The Asana bot will send you Cliq notifications when new tasks are assigned to you and you can also use the bot to assign tasks to your colleagues. Any new unassigned tasks are posted to the team in a channel for pickup.

Trello integration

With Cliq's new Trello integration, you can manage your team projects efficiently. You can view and access your Trello cards within Cliq, and add comments without having to switch between multiple tabs.

When the flow of information between the apps you use is channeled well, your workspace becomes a dynamic medium where you can automate routine tasks and streamline team workflows.

Visit the Cliq Marketplace to begin using these integrations now.

Haven't given Cliq a spin yet? Sign up here. To learn more about Cliq’s capabilities, and what it can do for your organization, join us for our product webinars. We'd love to hear from you, so if you have any questions or feedback, leave a comment below or drop us an email at support[at]


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    1. Hi Rahul! The Reminders feature for Cliq iOS is in our roadmap, I'll let you know personally once it us launched.

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