Work on the go with Zoho Cliq CarPlay support

Zoho Cliq CarPlay support

The world is becoming increasingly fast paced, with results expected in a flash. Multitasking is now essential for keeping up with the pace of everything that's going on. People have a taste for instant gratification and they love it. Who doesn't want their online shopping delivered the next day, or even the same day? This is one of the reasons services like Amazon Prime are flourishing. This fast pace is catching up everywhere, even in businesses. "Stuck in traffic" and "car trouble" are no longer viable excuses for being late to a call or meeting with a client. Just a one minute delay can make or break your business. That's where the genius invention of CarPlay comes in.

'Info'tainment system 

CarPlay isn't just an entertainment system that helps you blast your favorite playlist as you ride your car. It's an infotainment system that makes your drive-time more productive. It makes the dashboard more than just a CD player with an LED screen. It was introduced in 2014 by Apple as a way to integrate the iPhone and the car's dashboard.

To call the product successful is an understatement, since more than 80% of new cars now being sold in the United States support it. 23% of drivers say that CarPlay is a "must have" and 56% say they are "interested" in having it while buying a new car. Thus it has become a top feature for car manufacturers. Apple's massive success with CarPlay also contributes to the rumors inside the automotive industry that they might be planning to build their own car.

CarPlay supports only a handful of third-party apps that it deems can help make your commute easier. Cliq is one of those extraordinary few. Imagine you have an important meeting to attend but you are stuck in a gridlock.

Of course you can attend the meeting through your phone, but taking your hands off the wheel while driving, especially to use your phone is the last thing you should do. What if you can listen to important messages, have meetings and more through the speaker system of your car? Lo and behold, welcome Cliq! Yep you heard it right, Cliq is now supported on CarPlay. (For all you hardcore Apple enthusiasts, the support also includes Siri's voice command features.)

A virtual passenger

Imagine you have a bunch of unread messages but you cannot take your eyes off the road and surroundings. Wouldn't it be nice to have a co-passenger who helps you with your messages or gives you directions by looking at the map even when you are driving alone? CarPlay fills that gap. And just like any other Apple product, it has been integrated with many useful features focused on ease of access and practicality.

Siri, the flagship virtual assistant of Apple, is no doubt one of the biggest in the market. Almost everyone who has an Apple product uses its voice commands. According to a recent study, it is the third most used voice assistant in automobiles. (The first being the embedded voice assistants of automobiles followed by smartphones connected via bluetooth.) However, it is the front runner in terms of recent growth, rising over 26.7%. The best part about Cliq on CarPlay is that it flawlessly integrates with Siri.

Cliq's CarPlay features

Listening to messages 

Cliq will help you listen to unread messages through voice command. Either tap the unread messages button on the LED monitor or ask CarPlay to read out the messages and it will automatically start reading out all your unread messages in descending order (latest messages first). 

Listening to messages in Zoho Cliq CarPlay

Send messages 

Need to send a message to a co-worker about something important? Don't worry; Cliq has your back. Just speak the message out loud and CarPlay will convert it to text and compose it as a text message in Cliq. You can verify it's content by listening to it one last time and then sending it to your co-worker.

Sending messages through Zoho Cliq CarPlay


Getting an important call from your co-worker while driving? Cliq has you covered with an easy call attending function. You can attend incoming calls with a simple touch/click of a button. (You will never have to worry about putting your phone away at the start of the ride ever again)

Calling through Zoho Cliq in CarPlay

And of course, you can also call your co-workers just as easily through Cliq using Siri's voice commands. (Seriously, it's like having an awesome personal assistant but not having to pay them.)

And even if you forget to open the app on CarPlay at the start of the ride, Cliq keeps you connected. Even if the app isn't open on CarPlay, you will still get notifications about any new messages. You can reply to those messages without ever having to open the app.

One step set-up

Setting up third party apps in CarPlay is as easy as eating pie. The only prerequisite for setting up a supported app in CarPlay is that you must have it installed on your iPhone. For Zoho Cliq, you also need to be a registered user. If you meet all the requirements, then just connect your phone and you're good to go. 

So if you don't want to miss out on your important meetings anymore and take advantage of the time you spend commuting, try using Cliq for CarPlay. Using an Android phone? No worries! Cliq is also supported on Android Auto. Check out our blog on using Cliq on Android Auto.


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