Celebrating Cliq Rooms on World Television Day

Cliq Rooms

World Television Day

On this year's World Television Day, join us in celebrating the evolution of television systems into smart resources that provide richer experiences and high-quality audio and video content. Today, our TVs can even enable flexible working styles and simplified business communication. Zoho Cliq identified this space and built a robust and simple conference room solution that can be hosted and run on Android televisions.

Zoho Cliq Rooms

Zoho Cliq Rooms is the latest in the line of communication solutions offered by Zoho Cliq. This offering leverages the smartness and simplicity of Android televisions, integrated with the powerful Cliq application for web and mobile. The physical conference rooms in your organization can be digitized in simple steps from the Cliq admin panel. 

Managing resources

With Cliq Rooms, you can easily manage various resources from the Cliq admin panel. These include managing different branches, buildings inside each branch, floors for each building, rooms on those floors, and devices in the rooms. This mapping has been rendered on the admin panel, which enables you to manage multiple resources in a simple manner. You can digitize your organization and its physical resources within a few minutes.

Setting up a room

With the Cliq Rooms application, administrators can transform a physical room to host meetings on an android television. In your Android TV Play Store, search for Zoho Cliq Rooms and install the app. In few simple steps, the app can be made ready to use. These steps involve entering the code displayed on the TV screen when viewing Cliq's admin panel (where you would have set up the rooms and devices). 

Meetings in a room

Zoho Cliq Rooms enables you to schedule and attend meetings in Cliq-powered conference rooms. While scheduling a meeting, it is as simple as selecting the room for the desired time slot. You can schedule meetings for a room right from your desk using the Cliq web application. Or, start an instant meeting from the room itself by selecting the Start meeting option on the TV screen.

Mobile as a controller

It's easy to use the Zoho Cliq mobile app as a controller for your Cliq Room meetings. With the app, you will be able to manage meeting participants, assign co-hosts, and invite individuals to join. If the audio in the room ever malfunctions, you won't have to wait for administrators; instead, you can easily transfer the audio to your mobile device. Further, if you have a pressing situation and must leave the room, you can do so without leaving the meeting by transferring the entire meeting to your mobile device.

Wireless screen sharing

With Cliq Rooms, you can share your computer screen wirelessly.  All you need to do is navigate to the Cliq web application, choose the meeting you are attending, and click on the screen share option. Your computer screen will be shared based on your preferred choice without the hassle of cables.


The Rooms application is built with privacy as a core principle. Only permitted participants can join the meetings scheduled to a room. This is done through a QR scan, which can be done swiftly using the Cliq application on your mobile devices. The QR scan is a simple but sure way of displaying the meetings for intended audiences.

There are many more advances to come to the Cliq Rooms application on TV. Stay tuned and follow for updates. Once again, let's celebrate World Television Day!


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