Bridging the gap: Using Zoho Connect to work remotely

Telecommuting, or remote working, is a practice that has become more and more widespread among the working population. As the name suggests, remote working simply refers to working outside of the office space. Many businesses have embraced this concept and now allow their employees to work from their homes on the days they choose to. A study has found that two-thirds of managers reported an increase in productivity among their remote workers.

To boost productivity, managers need the right tools to make sure that their remote workers aren’t left out. Traditional intranets may not offer all the necessary tools to collaborate freely, so businesses depend on multiple applications to get their work done. Zoho Connect provides a unified solution, bringing together people, resources, and the right tools to function smoothly. Here’s how Zoho Connect can help bring your remote employees together:

Keeping communication lines open
Jack works remotely for a design company. A typical work day for Jack involves interacting with other teams to get a basic understanding of the client’s branding requirements, and then implementing those into design. How can Jack accomplish this while working remotely?

It’s simple: client-facing teams, upon receiving the specifications, make a post in the respective Connect group, @mentioning Jack. Jack immediately gets a notification by email and also on his phone. Jack and the team share their ideas in the group. Once the decision is made, Jack creates the design and shares it with the team. This gets done within Connect, without having to navigate multiple email threads. The team provides their feedback, and after a few iterations, the designs are ready to be approved by the client.

Virtual meetings to the rescue
Working away from the workplace and your co-workers isn’t always easy. Emails may not provide all the necessary information to do work, and waiting for someone to respond can cause further delays. Mira, a product expert, uses Connect to alleviate these hurdles. Mira has a crucial training presentation to give. Before she can start working on the presentation, Mira has to discuss it with her partners, who work from a different location. Mira initiates the discussion by scheduling a video conference from within Connect. After the discussion is done, Mira works on her presentation and walks her partners through the slide deck using the ShowTime integration. All of this is possible from the comfort of Mira’s home.

Collaboration on the go
Nancy, a leading marketer who works with multiple teams, finds it difficult to track all the work that needs to be done. Creating a Board in Connect proved to be the most effective way to handle this. Nancy could add collaborators as members to the Board, assign tasks to herself and other members, set reminders and a deadline, and track the progress of everyone’s work. Members could share files and additional info relevant to specific tasks. What was even more convenient for Nancy, who makes a lot of business trips, was that all of this could be done while on the move, using Connect’s mobile app.

Never lose sight of your insights
David is part of a team that’s developing a new publishing software. David’s team has curated information from each member on the best practices to follow while coding, detailed notes on HTML, and other helpful materials, and compiled all of this as a Manual in their Connect group. To David, this is an opportunity to share his expertise, and also, to learn more from his team members. When in doubt, David refers to the Manual to gain a better understanding of his work. The team also uses the Files app in their group to create a pool of resources that team members can refer to when needed.

Businesses are about people—and employees, regardless of where they work, take precedence. With Zoho Connect’s many features, employers and remote workers have a platform that breaks barriers and closes distances to keep their organization functioning as a unit.

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