A little goes a long way

Simple, thoughtful gestures are often those that get etched in our memory. Workplaces are no different. The more open you are to letting your co-workers know that they matter, the happier your workplace is.

 How can you make employees feel appreciated? 

  • Whether it's sharing ideas or networking with people across all hierarchies, make sure employees are given the freedom to communicate freely and be their genuine selves.

  • Drop in a "Good Job" to a co-worker who has given their first presentation or a "Thank you" to a team member or manager who helped you out with closing a deal.

  • Whether it’s an award or a customer acquisition, celebrate the wins—both big and small—with all of your employees.

  • Conduct regular surveys or hold Q&A sessions to understand their grievances and address them promptly.

  • Allow employees to prioritize their work-life balance. Give them a water cooler space to engage in activities that aren’t about work—for example, an online book club.

Read more about the importance of appreciation in The Collective.


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