Zoho Connect 2023: A decade of connection and a year of progress

As we close the book on 2023, Zoho Connect is now a decade old, and a million times wiser. But this year wasn't just another chapter, it was a landmark. We celebrated 10 years of building bridges, amplifying employees' voices, and building healthy work cultures across organizations of all sizes. From day one, our mantra was simple yet powerful: Happy employees, thriving businesses. Join us as we raise a toast to the past, recap the highlights of this year, and peek at the bright future ahead.

Enhancing the employee experience. 

At the heart of our efforts lies a deep understanding of the evolving needs of the modern workforce. Recognizing the role Zoho Connect plays in making employees happy, more engaged, and less likely to leave, we explored how our platform can contribute to a positive and productive work environment.

Level up your internal communications.

Whether it's a CEO's address, a company-wide celebration, or an all-hands meeting you can reach thousands of people instantly through live broadcasts. Encourage discussions, answer questions, and bring everyone together, building a strong sense of unity in your organization.

Personalized workspaces and improved browsing. 

Create your own personalized dashboard, putting your favorite resources and tools just a click away. And thanks to an array of widgets, the dashboard eliminates tab switching, saving you time and energy.

Communication reimagined.

Zoho Connect got a voice! Instead of just typing, people could leave voice messages on posts and comments, making communication faster, easier, and fun.

Data-driven decisions with detailed insights. 

Zoho Connect doesn't just connect people, it also connects you with insights. Dive into detailed post insights that will help you understand employee sentiments and track engagement. This data-driven approach informs your communication strategies and optimizes how your posts perform.

Gamify goals with Arcade.

Who says work can't be a game? Zoho Connect's Arcade feature lets you earn points for completing tasks, turning everyday work into a playful challenge. Watch motivation soar and engagement skyrocket as employees compete and collaborate to conquer their goals. 

Transparency and efficiency with task stats.

The new Member Stats tab shows everyone's task progress at a glance. Now team leaders can easily see who's doing great, who needs help and what's slowing things down.This helps them fix problems and make things run smoother for all.

Expanding horizons with seamless integrations.

We made it easy to work with popular tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams where you can schedule and join meetings, share ideas, and collaborate effortlessly– all in one place.

Celebrate wins big and small.

Zoho Connect empowers admins to easily award badges on the company wall recognizing both individual and team achievements making every win matter. This fosters a culture of appreciation and motivation across your organization.

Streamlining problem-solving.

Gone are the days of lengthy support tickets. Zoho Connect introduced intuitive video feedback, which allows users to capture and share their concerns with the support team easily, leading to faster resolution. 

Zoho Connect for all.

And the best part? Zoho Connect isn't just for big companies. We heard the call of small teams and built the Starter Plan, a budget-friendly way to unlock essential features like group chats, task management, and more. No more feeling left out— collaborate like a pro with all the tools you need.

Innovation beyond the platform. 

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the platform itself. Our CEO, Sridhar Vembu, took the virtual stage to discuss how Zoho Connect is uniting the Zoho team with open communication, improved leadership engagement, and an inclusive work culture.

Looking ahead: A future of endless possibilities. 

As we step into 2024, our hearts fill up with a decade's worth of gratitude for your unwavering support and love. The journey of Zoho Connect is still just beginning, and we're committed to fostering a space where every voice is heard, every idea celebrated, and everyone feels valued.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.

Together let's build workplaces that make everyone feel valued.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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