Localize custom business apps with Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator App TranslationZoho Creator customers don’t just speak many different languages, but they also collaborate with co-workers, customers and vendors who speak several other languages. App translation is important to our customers. And, here it is.

We’re excited to announce that you can now easily translate your Zoho Creator apps into multiple languages.

Got coworkerscustomers, vendors speaking different languages?

Want to share the business app with colleagues in French and Chinese? We’ve made that easy. Create your app in any language and users accessing the app can view it in their preferred language. Break down the language barrier quickly and efficiently, as both speak in your native language. 

Smart Translation Options

Zoho Creator detects the browser language and displays the app accordingly. The user has the freedom to set the default app language for his/her account. Or while sharing the app, you can give the user the choice to pick the app language.

Customize Auto-Translations

The automatic translations, which are powered by the Google Translate API, sometimes don’t satisfy the perfectionist in me. And what excites me is that, with Zoho Creator, you can customize any of the text translated. Such refinements help you capture the nuances that a machine often misses.

Customize Translation with Zoho Creator

We hope you will love how easy it has become to collaborate with your co-workers, customers and vendors, regardless of the language they speak.







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