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Have you ever felt that it would be nice if your Zoho Creator application could do with a different layout or color or font? Think no more. You can apply different layouts, colors, fonts and loads of other customizations to your Zoho Creator applications. No you don’t have to be an html or css expert to do that. As is the norm at Zoho Creator, all this is possible at the click of a mouse.

Zoho Creator offers 6 different layouts for your applications. You can choose from Pane Left, Pane Right, Tabs,Tabbed Pane Left, Tabbed Pane Right and Dropdown menus. You can segregate your forms/views into various sections and apply the required layout so that your application gets the right look.


Did you say what about the feel? Of course of course. We took care of that too. Zoho Creator offers 3 built in themes which can be applied to an application. Themes define the colour scheme of the application viz the colors that will be applied to the header strip, the component header, the buttons on the forms, etc., the over all font that will be applied to the application, the different styles that will be applied to the headers/tabs/ component headers/ forms/ views etc and so on.

Classic theme

The above one is what we call the Classic theme. Simple, straightforward, official looking which uses the Arial font across the application. The field labels are left aligned. Each form/view has a prominent looking header strip. And the views have borders on all sides.

The one below is the Gradient theme. A soft looking theme with Verdana font used across the application and a gradient applied to the header strip of the application. The field labels take the color of the theme.

Gradient Theme

The last but definitely not the least is the Contemporary theme. With Georgia font for the application and a very vibrant looking header strip for the application. The field labels/fields are center aligned and the rows in the view come with alternate row colors.


For now, the themes are available in 5 vibrant colours.

Theme Colours

The readymade themes don’t quite hit home? Not a problem. You can also mix and match the various attributes and create your own themes. Again all these involve mere mouse clicks and no geeky coding!

Custom Theme

As you can see, we have ten attributes that you can play around with and come up with astounding themes for your application.You can also refer our help wiki for more details on creating different looks for your application.. 

So what are you waiting for? Give that plain looking application a dash of color and some style 🙂


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  1. Zoho Creator is very powerful and a great service, however, as a front end developer it would be great to be able to truly customize the look and feel of the applications. Now I can do a truly custom application only via the API, but if I could actually apply custom layouts and css ( a truly custom theme ) then Creator would become infinitely more powerful! Are there any plans to allow truly custom themes? Thanks for the great product. J

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